Lost - 3.18 - D.O.C Recap!
Lost - 3.18 - D.O.C Recap!
Of all of the LOST mysteries ‘Who fathered Sun’s Baby’ doesn’t even show up on my ‘need to know radar’, so naturally I was under whelmed that it would become the focus of an entire episode.  Thankfully we have the overlapping mystery of LOST’s newest addition, parachute girl, to break up the melodrama.   Of course, with what we’ve come to know about pregnancy and the island over the last couple of months there could be a lot more at stake, but at the same time that makes it all a little, well, predictable.

The back-story portion was an honorable attempt to reconnect with where Sun is at emotionally.  The Sun/Jin relationship is no doubt one of the most complex on LOST.  Jin started out as an oppressive overlord type, who we later learned was putting on that face to appease Sun’s father. Over time, we saw Sun and Jin split apart by secrets, (Sun’s ability to speak English), then brought back together only to be split again by the disaster of the raft.

Sun’s pregnancy was the chance for LOST creators to throw another curve ball at us by introducing us to the fact that Sun had been unfaithful before becoming stranded.  If you are thinking this all sounds a little soap opera, please join me in my half of the stadium.

Now the recent revelation that woman who are impregnated on the island tend to die brings some new urgency to this situation, and that is what propels this episode.

The back-story connects with the emotional issues at hand. We are in the happier days of Sun and Jin’s marriage when a strange woman threatens Sun that she will reveal Jin’s past if she is not paid off.   There isn’t anything too sketchy in his past, his dad is a fisherman (but Jin claimed his father was dead), and his mother was apparently a prostitute.  The information would be devastating to Jin and his position with her father.  She winds up paying off the woman only to learn that the woman is Jin’s mother.  So for once, we have an episode with mother issues.  The point is, I suppose, that Sun sacrificed and hid things that would have been devastating to Jin even through their lowest points when she could have used that information to her advantage.

Sun and Juliet Juliet takes Sun to the old Caduceus hatch.  There is a suspicious reveal here.  Remember how the hatch had been ‘abandoned’?  Well it turns out that the Others just stuck all the equipment in a secret vault.  Hmmm.   We learn some nifty things about the island; sperm counts go up 500% on the island, which is why Jin was able to impregnate her.   Yes, the baby is Jin’s.  But hear me out:  why do it any other way?  Which is better for dramatic fodder:  a fight against time to save mom and baby, or the reveal that you slept with another guy.  We’ve already seen Jin and Sun split up several times, so this was the only course of action that made any sense from a story perspective. 

So what about parachute girl?   She was impaled on a branch on her way down and is slipping fast.  Desmond, Charlie, Jin, and Hurley are eight hours away from Jack, one way.  Desmond decides he is going to run for it, but Hurley fires off a flare gun before they have a chance.

Patchy and Jin fight Then, something very interesting happens.  Mr. Eyepatch guy, who is supposed to be dead, wanders out of the jungle looking pretty darn healthy.  From the look on his face when he sees the quartet with parachute girl, he was expecting somebody but not them.  I think we are not supposed to come to that conclusion, but it is obvious to me that he was expecting somebody to fire a flare.  Therefore, he makes a mad dash and Jin takes him out with some Kung Fu, at this point Patchy wants to deal.  He can save parachute girl's life, but they will have to forget they ever saw him. They make the deal. He exchanges a few words of Italian with the parachutist.  Something tells me she was not just saying ‘thank you’.

Patchy guy is very interested in what parachute girl has in her pack.  They will not tell him.  He fixes her up and sneaks off.  They realize he stole the satellite phone, there is more kung fu, and finally they wind up letting him go again.

The big stunner comes as they are carrying her back to camp on a makeshift stretcher.  She comes around and asks where she is.  Hurley tells her on an island, and that they are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815; the girl says that is not possible, Oceanic Flight 815 was found, and nobody survived.  Black screen. LOST.

Yup, the wizards of LOST are cruel, and they know just where to pull the plug to make sure you are chomping at the bit all week long for the next episode. As far as cliffhangers go, it is awesome.  I do not buy the download though, something tells me as soon as Patchy and Parachute girl’s exchange is translated we’ll have at least a few reasons to doubt her.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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