Lost 3.16 - One of Us Quick Thoughts!
Lost 3.16 - One of Us Quick Thoughts!
LOST is all-new, with another look into the past of the nefarious Juliet.  What, you question my use of the word ‘nefarious’ to describe LOST’s latest heroine?  Well, let me just that I went on the record on April 5th over at thetailsection that I wasn’t buying Juliet’s story for one second, and guess what?  My instincts were dead on.  Now, with the horn tooting out of the way, onto the show.
Gut reaction?  Best. LOST. EVER!  Period. I'd use a cliche like 'LOST really fired on all cylinders', but in this case LOST just reinvented the engine, completely.  the first thing you get after watching this episode is that they have set us up for a ride, a seven week ride into parts unknown.  Places that only LOST knows exist.  People who can't respect the genius of that can stay away, but for those of you who have tuned out because you thought the story was falling apart... COME BACK!  LOST 'One of Us' re-established LOST as the master of the art of serialization.   I cannot think of another series, including Heroes, that has forced you to ask yourself 'what's going to happen seven weeks from now?'.  LOST just took you there with this episode.

  • So here are just a few of the juicy details from tonight’s episode of LOST.
  • Juliet drank some spiked OJ for her trip to the island so she has absolutely no clue where it is or how long it takes to get there.  This seems a little extreme since was in a sub.  Hello theory people, can you say ‘time’?
  • Patchy returns.  Remember Jack’s file?  It was patchy who was in charge of gathering intel on the 815’rs.  We get a good look at the flame stations communication capabilities prior to the ‘anomaly’ that turned the sky purple, complete with live video from the mainland.
  • Other women cannot get pregnant.  Once they do, they get sick and eventually die.  This was what Juliet was brought to research.  Her six-month stay was extended when Ben promised to cure her sister’s cancer.
  • We get to see some news coverage concerning the loss of flight 815!  It is kind of a surreal moment for sure.
  • There is some definite division on the beach concerning Juliet.  Sayid is the most vocal, going as far as to tell her he will kill her if she does not give answers.  Jack tells him to ease off; she is under his protection.

Juliet eventually redeems herself and is welcomed onto the beach, but is all as it seems?  Hell no!  Check back in a little while for more secrets and the awesome reveal from the ending that will totally blow your socks off.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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