Lost 3.15 Left Behind Easter Egg Hunt
Lost 3.15 Left Behind Easter Egg Hunt
It's that time again!  Another glorious episode of LOST has gone by leaving a plethora of questions in its wake.  Was Juliet really gassed?   How come Jack slept a day longer than everybody else?  Why did the monster take pictures of Juliet and Kate?  Is Locke now 'one of them'?  In addition to deepening the mystery, LOST 'Left Behind'  was loaded with tantalizing visual clues and curiosities. 
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Mouse Trap!   Yes, 'The Others' have very similar taste in games to one Mr. John Locke.  If you remember, Mouse Trap was of extreme symbolic importance in the episode Deus Ex Machina in which John's description of the game to a young lad turned out to be a dissertation on the fraud that was about to befall him at the hands of his father, Anthony Cooper.

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