Lost - 3.14 Expose' Preview
Lost - 3.14 Expose' Preview
LOST fans with a big of nostalgia for the simpler times of season one are in for a treat with tomorrow's all new episode, Expose'.   This time, LOST flashes back to reveal the history of controversial newcomers Paulo and Nikki beginning shortly before the crash.  Amongst the LOST characters to return:  Boone, Shannon, and the explosive Doctor Arzt.  The characters of Paulo and Nikki (dubbed Pikki by bored LOST fans) were generally rejected by fans who had trouble accepting fresh faces who everyone else regarded as being there all along.  Not that LOST fans aren't creative, but it was one leap of faith they just weren't willing to take.   With Expose', Lost producers hope to 'redeem' the terrible twosome, but how can that be possible?  Read on for theories and spoilers galore.

From what we can see in the video clips posted at abc.com, it is more than apparent that Paulo is the submissive of the two.  In one scene, before diving into a pond to search for a mysterious handbag, Paulo asks Nikki if they would still be together if she didn't need him to find the bag.  She responds by curtly telling him that the bag is worth eight million dollars.   Interesting stuff.  This is the same pond, by the way, that Kate found her mysterious case in in the episode 'Whatever the Case May Be' from LOST season one.  In that episode, Kate pleaded with Sawyer to retrieve the case much like Nikki does here, except a whole lot sweeter.

Paulo and Nikki's flashbacks will take us from just before the crash up to the present of the episode where, it is rumored, somebody, perhaps more than one somebody, will meet with a very gruesome en d.
This is also the episode which will introduce Billy Dee Williams' character Mr. LaShade.  Apparently, Mr. LaShade may be of importance in later episodes.  I mean, c'mon, with a name like LaShade, how couldn't you be of some importance. It's just... shady. 

Expose' will air at 10pm est on ABC, be sure to check back soon after for our detailed investigation.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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