Lost - 3.13 Man From Tallahassee - Easter Eggs Revealed!
Lost - 3.13 Man From Tallahassee - Easter Eggs Revealed!
Last night, LOST revealed one of its most critical mysteries: what happened to John Locke to cost him the use of his legs?  However, did you also notice that it revealed that Ben is a Stephen King fan?  Or that the long running question of whether or not it was John Locke falling by Hurley's accountant's window was finally settled?  What about the portrait on Ben's living room wall?  Those answers are just ahead, after the link!
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First up is a controversy settled at last.  Folks have long debated that Locke was paralyzed in the season one episode 'Numbers' as the hapless falling victim that passed briefly behind Hurley's accountant's window.  While the window pattern is similar, Locke fell the entire distance with his feet facing the building.  The jumper in 'Numbers' was lengthwise.  Also, Locke was paralyzed for four years, long before Hurley even won the lottery.  Mystery solved!

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