It's Never too Late to get 'Lost'
It's Never too Late to get 'Lost'
Over the next few weeks a flood of Lost information will hit the net exciting die hard fans, and enticing the unconverted.  The urge to join the story may be stalled by one fact:  the uninitiated have three seasons of story to catch up on if they decide to board Lost's magical mystery train to island adventure.  A daunting task, for sure, but perhaps not a necessary one.  If your fear of joining the Lost ride is that you may find yourself, well, lost, don't despair.  Punching your ticket may be more painless than you think.

One of the reasons the networks have favored episodic shows over serialized ones is the attrition factor of the audiences.  The longer a story goes on, the more fans lose interest, and the fewer people will pick up on a story that they are woefully behind on.  The prevailing factor in both cases seems to be the fact that networks do not normally plan an endpoint for these shows.  They will run until there profitability wanes and then wrapped up either with, or without closure.

The impact of this attitude on Lost has been a hindrance for the creative team.  They have had to operate on a balance of revealing just enough about ‘what is going on' without giving so much away that the story has no gas four seasons down the road.  While this game of bait and switch became a bit frustrating for the die hard fans, it really creates an excellent opportunity for those of you who have thought about giving the show a try but were turned off by what appears to be a massive amount of exposition.

In reality, the first three seasons, less so in the final half of the third, have been teasing.  There have been significant moment in the story for sure, but mostly the big reveals have been in the character aspects of the show and not in the over-arching mysteries of the island. That, however, is about to change.

Now that Lost has been given a definitive end date the story is going to begin to develop a definitive episode to episode imperative. Where before the goal was to keep things interesting without giving too much a way, Lost is now has 48 tick marks remaining before its grand conclusion, and every notch will represent some degree of revelation.  The mysteries will continue to thicken, but along with them the sense of what is going on.

So for the time being, at least the next seven months or so, it is still relatively easy to get caught up on Lost.  Surely, there is definitely enough time to watch the entire series, but if that seems like too much you could consider picking up the season by season guides by pop culture maven Nikki Stafford, who is regarded by many as offering the most newbie friendly guides while maintaining a high standard for the lost snobbery as well.

So if you still have the urge, and haven't taken the first step into the world of Lost, trust your instincts young Padawan.  The island awaits.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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