How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 6
How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 6
Season 3, Episode 6, “I Do”

The last episode in the opening of Lost's season three…and what an episode it is. It starts of with Jack telling Ben that his tumor will be inoperable within the week. He goes into details about the disease spreading in his body, and then tells him that he refuses to operate – he just wanted him to know how he was going to die.

Locke tells some of the Losties that Eko was killed by an animal. Naturally, Sayid doesn’t believe him and wants to know the truth. All Locke  can tell him is that Eko didn’t die in vain – he believes his death brought them to where they are for a reason.
Kate and Sawyer are busy working in the fields again when they hear the warning sound signaling a breach. Alex, the French Lady’s Daughter, comes frantically running in, demanding to know where her boyfriend is. She tells Kate that if they don’t escape soon, they’ll kill Sawyer. Juliet takes Kate aside and tells her that if she can’t convince Jack to do the operation on Ben, Pickett will kill Sawyer. A bit convoluted, but they’re on an island with polar bears, smoke monsters, and random horses, so I think it comes with the territory. Kate tells Jack the story, he gets mad that she’s falling for it, and instead of being excited about seeing each other – they argue.

Kate tells Sawyer about her encounter with Jack, and he takes Jack’s side. She gets mad and storms into his cage where they have the sex. (Because if you’re kidnapped and stuck on an island for reasons that you can’t even begin to comprehend, naturally you’d sneak into your crush’s cage and do him.)

Someone unlocks Jack’s door and he wanders through the hallways. He comes across a room with weapons, and enters, and sees a security camera aimed – you guessed it, right at Kate and Sawyer. Ben catches him and he agrees to do the surgery, as long as Ben keeps his promise and lets Jack go home.

So Jack starts the surgery. Sawyer and Kate get caught by Pickett who, surprise, surprise, takes Sawyer aside and threatens to kill him. (I don’t really get why this guy hates Sawyer so much, but c’est la vie.) But then, just in the knick of time, Pickett gets a call from Mr. Friendly. Turns out Jack has decided that if they don’t let Kate and Sawyer go immediately, he will kill Ben.

The Flashback: Kate is prancing around a hotel room with a wedding veil, and we discover she’s engaged to a police officer. Right before her wedding she meets with her mother-in-law, who gives her a beautiful gold locket. Throughout the ceremony, the minister mentions Kate’s honesty and faithfulness, which, considering she’s going by a different name, is fairly ironic. Time passes and we see Kate take a pregnancy test. The results are negative and she’s relieved. She goes to tell he copper husband, and tells him everything else. He tries to stop her before she leaves, but she drugged him, and he didn’t stand a chance.

So what happens?? Does Ben die? Do Kate and Sawyer escape? Does Locke find everyone else? Will Charlie stop obsessing over Claire? Will Desmond find his real clothes? Hopefully, all this and more on the next LOST.

- Jinju Brandis
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