How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 5
How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 5

Season 3, Episode 5, “The Cost of Living”

So remember when I said Eko was dead? Gotcha! He was just unconscious! He played a very small role (read: non-existent) in the last few eppie’s, but here’s where he gets his comeback. The show opens with him dreaming of a memory with his brother, Yemi, who became a priest before he was shot and killed due to a selfish Eko. When he wakes up, he runs off into the jungles of the island, alone. At some point, he pauses, delirious, and sees that Smoke Monster Thing.

Sayid, Jin, and Sun return to the Losties, and tell them what they know. (Which, really, isn’t much.) Locke decides to go to another station/hatch/secret place and try to communicate with the Others. After much hemming and hawing, Sayid decides it won’t work, there’s no way to communicate with other stations. However, towards the end of this, in one of the cameras they see a figure reaching up and turning off the camera.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the – excuse me, on the other island – Ben talks to Jack and tells him that he doesn’t want him to save him. He wants Jack to WANT to save him…sure. And then comes the big scene of the day: Juliet shows Jack a movie, but it’s not what she says it is. It’s a video of her holding up giant cue cards with messages on them – Ben is dangerous, not everyone is satisfied with his ruling, he could make his death look like an accident during surgery. Jack – and all Lost audiences everywhere – are stunned.

Eko has one more hallucination before the end. He sees Yemi, who asks if he’s sorry for his sinning. Eko refuses, Yemi reprimands him, and all of a sudden, Eko is yanked up by the smoke monster, slamming back and forth into trees. Locke tries to save him, but he dies – for real this time – but not before saying one last thing. They’re next.

The Flashback: This is one of the more chronological flashbacks we’ve had, with us returning to Eko after Yemi was killed. He becomes a priest in the same town and church, and instantly comes across a rivalry with a Militant Mean Man. He ends up killing a bunch of men inside the church, and a female friends notices. She makes him feel guilty, and tells him he owes God a church – hence his church building on the island.

Definitely one of the better, more informative episodes of the season. Only one left before the hiatus!

- Jinju Brandis
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