How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 3
How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 3
Season 3, Episode 3, "Further Instructions" So last time we saw Locke, he had been in the midst of the explosion in the hatch. In this episode we open with him in the middle of the jungle, lacking the ability to talk which, to be honest, doesn't bother me in the slightest. He sees Desmond run by naked - a little odd. He gets back to the other Losties, and builds a "sweat lodge," a tent that basically captures heat and smells, and lets him meditate. In the midst of this 'meditation,' he sees Boone, who takes him to the airport. He sees several of the Losties there and knows he has to help one pf them, but he can't figure out who. His vision ends with Mr. Eko's stick covered in blood, and a polar bear chasing him. Naturally, this means he has to save Eko from the polar bear on the island. Right.
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Locke picks Charlie to help him, which is funny, considering their last interaction dealt Charlie a considerable blow. They go looking for Eko and run into Hurley, who is on his way back to the camp. He also sees Naked Desmond, and offers him some clothes, so we can stop feeling awkward. He fills him in on what happened to Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, but Desmond reassures Hurley, saying Locke will go after them just as he said in his speech. Seeing as Locke hasn't given a speech, Hurley, and the audience, are a bit confused. Locke and Charlie come across a cave, and Locke goes in to investigate. He sees Eko wounded on the floor and drags him away - but not before a brief scuffle with the polar bear. Eko wakes up momentarily and tells Locke that he will find Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, because he's a hunter. But shortly thereafter, Mr. Eko - my hero - dies. When they return to camp, Locke and Hurley explain what's happened, and Locke asserts that he will find the other Losties. Hurley recognizes the speech and spies Desmond curiously, wondering how he knew what was going to happen... The Flashback: Locke picks up a hitchhiker named Eddie and takes him back to this odd farm, something like a commune. In his searching, Eddie notices a big greenhouse that's especially secretive and wonders if he can be in on whatever's going on. Locke goes to his superiors, inside the greenhouse, to ask them and finds them frantically hiding records. (The greenhouse, by the way, is filled with marijuana plants.) They tell him that Eddie is an undercover cop and has been spying and gaining evidence against them since he got there. Locke confronts Eddie at gunpoint, and he admits it, 100%. Locke wants to kill him and keeps pointing the gun at Eddie, but Eddie knows he's a 'farmer' and not a 'hunter,' and carefully backs away. (See how Eko's speech now makes more sense?) Will Locke finally be able to 'hunt?' And will the Losties follow him no matter what? Stay tuned... -Jinju Brandis
How LOST Are You?
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