How Lost ARE You? A Recap of the first Six Episodes: Part 1
How Lost ARE You? A Recap of the first Six Episodes: Part 1
As Lost, our favorite mystery show veers its fascinating head around the corner (remember folks, SIXTEEN new episodes in a row - I think that might be a record), we thought it might be a good idea to do some recapping for you all. With a show of this caliber, it can be hard to follow plot lines from week to week, let alone after having a 2 month hiatus. So here you go, full recaps on all the episodes thus far: Season 3, Episode 1, "A Tale of Two Cities" The season opens on what we might assume to initially be a flashback, as it's set in a house with people who look as though they've been able to shower and eat full meals in recent memory. We hear a loud sound, and everyone runs outside, where we see a huge plane crash - sound familiar? There's a brief appearance by everyone's favorite manipulative liar, Henry Gale, who orders everyone around. We see Jack locked in a room somewhere with no way out, Sawyer is stuck in a cage outside, and Kate gets a locker room, and is told to freshen up by Mr. Friendly.
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We then see Juliet, one of the woman from the house earlier, come to talk to Jack. She tries to convince him to have some food, and find out some information from him, but he's being typically stubborn. He attempts to trick her by jumping her as soon as he gets a chance. After much drama, he punches a button somewhere that leads to gushing water all over the place. Henry Gale had re-appeared and managed to get into a room before being surrounded by water, but Juliet and Jack were not so lucky. They struggle to find a room with no water in it and when they do, Juliet punches Jack. (It actually knocks him out, which makes me wonder about this so-called "fearless leader"...) When Jack comes to, he comes to the realization that they are in some sort of aquarium. Juliet confirms his suspicions, and tells him this is yet another part of Dharma - the Hydra. She also holds up a folder as full as Sawyer's libido for Kate, telling him it's his "file." Jack succumbs to the idea that maybe he can't regain control. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate have been bonding. Kate was placed in the cell opposite Sawyer's, and he figured out how to get 'food' from a machine in his cell, and threw it across to her. (I do believe this foreshadows some sort of relationship to bloom, hmm?) The Flashback: A Jack story, natch. It shows him and his frustrations over his wife, Sarah, leaving. He's determined to find out who the other man is, fears it's his father and makes a fool of himself at his dad's AA meeting. For a season opener, it sure left us with lots of questions... - Jinju Brandis
How LOST Are You?
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