Getting 'Lost,' Week 6: "I Guess It's All Relative Now, Huh?"
Getting 'Lost,' Week 6: "I Guess It's All Relative Now, Huh?"
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie's attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.

What I Watched on Week 6: Season 2, Episodes 9-15 ("What Kate Did", "The 23rd Psalm", "The Hunting Party", "Fire + Water", "The Long Con", "One of Them" and "Maternity Leave")

At many points in the past few weeks I thought destiny is playing a hand with my Lost watching.  Fine, I still am not able to keep track of all of the small details, but honestly that isn't the priority right now.  I'm thinking of the way the episodes I watch always immediately answer the questions I leave floating when I write my weekly dispatches on this side of the Internet.

Say, two weeks ago, I wondered about who the tailies actually are: the next episode I saw answered just that.  Last week, I wondered about the Others, and what they're exactly up to, and the next episode I saw answered just that.  Not entirely, of course.  From where I am, I see the Others as the people who are part of the Dharma Initiative--it's weird seeing Ethan wearing a doctor's get-up!--who are just there, busy working on experiments in silence.  (I think it was pretty obvious when Michael somehow managed to talk to Walt from the hatch on their side of the island.)

With the hope that this'll get answered when I start watching again, I'll ask this question: why are they looking for kids?  I don't really know where to go.  I thought they're experimenting on them, and then I remembered the Initiative is a utopian something, and with Goodwin (if I remember correctly) saying that the kids are "good people", I thought they're looking for a way to improve the world in seemingly sinister means.  And then I remembered that Walt's something "special", so they're probably looking for him.  And then the story of Claire and Aaron comes up, and the vaccines and the weird stuff along with it, and I'm thrown off track again.

Funny, I had all those thought arranged in my head, but the moment I started typing those down here, they got all mixed up because I remembered many other things.  Ahh, the joys of watching Lost.

Another thing.  Is it just me, or does the second season revolve around paranoia and mistrust?  Sure, that is expected, if you're stuck in a remote island with strangers and you think you have the best way of making your life better.  To get your way, the best thing is to trick people (like what Sawyer and Charlie did to everyone) or blackmail them with some aspect of their life (again, Sawyer, this time when he saw Hurley gorging on ranch dressing) or just be outright tough (Kate defending Claire came from out of the blue, or was it just me?).  That's understandable: it's still in line with what I already know.

What's disengaging is when characters take an absolute U-turn.  Watching "Fire + Water" and "The Long Con" was absolutely excruciating.  One, I'm not used to seeing Locke beat the hell out of Charlie, and I'm not used to seeing Charlie resort to really drastic means to humiliate Locke.  Two, it hit too close to home, the idea of being called the bad guy when all you want is to do the good thing.  Or whatever.  It is paranoia that powers the show at this point, which explains why the guy who claims to be Henry Gale (duh, right now I know better) ends up being tortured by Sayid.  In other words, everybody's an enemy in one person's eyes, but we know better, since we see the bigger picture--or at least can keep track (and guess) of who is what to who.  Or do we?

One last thought: apparently, the one Lost episode that I've seen way, way back was "The 23rd Psalm", and watching it again reminded me of why I liked that episode in the first place.  I don't know where that goes now, though.  I think I am confused.  I might need a head injury like Conan O'Brien's.

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- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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