Former 'Lost' Castaway Monaghan Joins Cast of 'Wolverine'
The new Wolverine film from 20th Century FOX has cast an actor who has ties to Lost, but it might not be who you expected.  There has long been talk that Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) would be cast as Gambit in either an X-Men or Wolverine movie.  Holloway appears to be perfect for the role, thought a long-standing rumor is that Holloway actually turned down the opportunity to play Gambit in a cameo role for X3: X-Men United.  Now that Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights) has been cast as Gambit in Wolverine, we can put the Holloway rumors to rest.  Today, however, it was announced that Dominic Monaghan (the now deceased Charlie on Lost) has been cast in Wolverine as Barnell Bohusk, aka Beak.

Beak is a human who has morphed into some sort of crazy bird-man hybrid.  Obviously, he has a beak and other facial bird-features.  He's got talons, double jointed knees, and he's able to fly, just not very well.  Once Monaghan was killed off on Lost, I wondered where his career would go.  He's definitely not the leading man type. A best case scenario for Dom would be a long career as a character actor.  Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman, is a nice pull for Dominic.  It's going to be a big-budget, highly-hyped summer blockbuster and should be good for his career.  We have no idea how much screen time he'll have, but I'm guessing it won't be too much.

And, frankly, Monaghan kind of looks like a bird, so this works.  Looking at his resume now, he's got quite the diversity.  He'll have played a bird-mutant, a washed up rock star and a hobbit.  You can't get a nicer variety of roles than that.  Although Monaghan's Charlie was killed off in last season's finale on Lost, he managed to show up in the fourth season premiere.  We can probably expect to see some more Charlie on Lost at some point.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Just Jared
(Image Courtesy of ABC)