Exclusive 'Lost' Spoiler: A Familiar Face in Episode 12
Exclusive 'Lost' Spoiler: A Familiar Face in Episode 12
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Like an airdrop of DHARMA supplies on the Island, today BuddyTV got an e-mail from a friend who sent us a video shot during the filming of the 12th episode of this season of Lost (airing April 13).  The source also provided some very cool insights into what, and more importantly WHO, we'll be seeing.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details about upcoming episodes of Lost, so do NOT read if you want to stay unspoiled.

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In a video of fans getting their pictures taken with the stars, it's interesting to see that Terry O'Quinn and Henry Ian Cusick are together.  Will Desmond turn against Charles Widmore and join Team Flocke?  The answer is almost definitely "Yes."

In addition, the end of the video features a shot of O'Quinn and Cusick with a face that was unfamiliar to the cameraman at the time, but who is very familiar to fans now.  They're posing with the mysterious kid Flocke saw in "The Substitute" who he chased through the woods .  The kid will obviously be back and hopefully this time we'll get more than "You know the rules.  You can't kill him."

Check out the video to see the evidence for yourself.

Lost airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC.

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