Even more 'Lost' Casting and Character Rumors
More Lost casting rumors are making the rounds, along with some new character descriptions.  As usual, it should be pointed out that casting/character info is carefully released into casting channels to prevent any deep story elements from being revealed.  However, the character descriptions usually represent some aspect of personality that may be present in the ‘real' character.  With that in mind, let's analyze some of the casting rumors currently circulating the net.

First up, a casting tid bit. Bipasha Basu, a prominent Bollywood actress, is apparently being wooed by Lost producers.  According to remarks on ourbollywood.com, the exotic actress was approached previously and declined. 

She is now, apparently, reconsidering the offer.  Bipasha has, in the interim, set herself up with some LA representation and seems intent on crossing into the US movie scene.  So naturally, that Lost gig is probably looking a lot more attractive by now.

Naveen Andrews is also of Indian descent, which has sparked speculation that she may play a character connected to Sayid's past.  The Mumbai Mirror asked Bipasha about her role and she revealed “Till we don't sign the contract, I cannot say anything. It is too premature.”

Now for the characters. Blogs are reporting three new characters have been created for an as yet unfilmed episode.  The three characters carry a common theme in the descriptions of being ‘corporate' or ‘businesslike.'

We could accept that at face value, but if that were correct we would probably also be looking at characters of little importance.  Last season, the more accurate the description, the less screen time the character received.

If I were to speculate, I'd guess these characters are somehow connected to whatever group Lance Reddick's menacing recruiter character is connected to. Currently, the rumors have the characters appear in episode 4 or 5, which seems like just enough time to prepare for revealing more about the people who are pulling Reddick's strings. 

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Spoilerslost.blogspot.com
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