Did LOST Bring ABC Sweeps Glory?
Did LOST Bring ABC Sweeps Glory?
ABC hyped the return LOST as the TV event Du Jour.  With an intense promotion campaign that included bringing LOST producers Cuse and Lindelof on to personally explain what has happend so far, in addition to a multitude of advertising spots including a Windows Vista tie-in, it was difficult to go anywhere or do anything without knowing that LOST was coming back.  Did all the hype lead to ratings payoff for LOST?  Did LOSTs return bring back some of the flock ?
LOST 'Not in Portland' was a critical darling, drawing almost universal praise.  Unfortunately, as we all know, critics don't equal ratings and despite what some might characterize as blind admiration, LOST failed to win the ten-o-clock hour in overall viewers.  The fast numbers released this morning put CSI: NY ahead of LOST by around two-million viewers.

For ABC, all is not LOST as the show did win the hour in the all powerful 18-49 demo.  This means, if your an advertiser, and you want to advertise at 10pm on Wednesday's, LOST is still your prime real-estate.

It's important to note that the data is based on Nielsen Research's 'Fast' numbers which is based a lot on DVR figures and other more readily available data.  Often times this numbers can be skewed by a large percentage, which could mean better news, no change, or even worse news for LOST when the final numbers come in later today.

It is safe to assume several factors may be at play here.  Worst case for ABC, the shrinking fan base is going to continue to shrink or will soon stabilize somewhere in the neighborhood of LOST's recent numbers.   Another likely possibility is that LOST's change to a a later time slot moved it beyond the bed-time of a sizable portion of its audience.