Darlton Answer Questions on 'Cabin Fever,' the Season Finale and the Future of 'Lost'
Darlton Answer Questions on 'Cabin Fever,' the Season Finale and the Future of 'Lost'
Lost show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have done a lot of interviews lately.  And why not?  Lost has returned triumphantly to the air waves with their post-strike episodes, increasing the very scope of the series along the way.  Questions have been answered, mysteries yanked into the fold, and us fans are left enthralled, but scratching our heads.  In an interview with Kristin from E! Online following last week's mind-altering “Cabin Fever,” Damon and Carlton discussed the episode, the questions fans should be asking, and what we can all expect from the finale and the future of Lost.  

The duo covered a lot of ground, so I'm going to give you some small quotes, followed by my thoughts.

On Claire“I think we want the fans to ask, 'What's happened to Claire?' I don't think it's 'Is she dead?' I think it's like, "Where is she?" and, "What's going on with her?"

OK, I like how they phrased this here.  Perhaps Claire being dead isn't as important as whatever happened to her out in the forest.  Their answer leads me to believe that Claire isn't dead.  Maybe possessed, maybe she's seen things that have changed her for good.  And, they are very clear in this fact: Christian Shepherd is dead.

On the finale: “I think that people will be surprised by the finale. Not in the literal M. Night Shyamalan way that we surprised the audience last year, but I think emotionally satisfying and also intriguing—and we'll leave people very excited and interested to figure out what season five is going to be about.”

Are they trying to set fans up for a non-cliffhanger ending to season 4?  That would be something of a surprise, but I wouldn't be offended or disappointed.  If there is no cliffhanger, there will be a big reveal, but perhaps not as big a WTF moment as the end of season 3.  

Is time traveling a part of Lost?: “Yes.”

We already knew this, but it's nice to have a confirmation.  I'm not sure if Darlton has confirmed this previously (I know that Desmond has been a confirmed time traveler, but now it's much more prevalent).  

Jack or Sawyer: “We know who she (Kate) ends up with ultimately, but we think the trail leading there is obviously going to include a little bit of ping-ponging.”

On Richard Alpert: “...you will learn a lot more about Richard Alpert as the show goes on. He is going to become more prominent in the future of the show.”

Nestor Carbonell, now free of his commitment to the now canceled Cane, should be appearing in many more future Lost episodes.  He has to be important to the myriad mysteries of the island.  They refuse, however, to speak about his apparent lack of aging.  It might just be time-traveling.   

On Unanswered Questions: “We keep a list of unanswered questions, and we will be trying to answer most of those. Obviously, mystery is a part of life, and mystery is a part of the show.”

As they have in the past, Darlton also reiterated that not everything will be answered, nor should everything be answered.  They bring up the midi-chlorian debate (which is in regards to the explanation of “the Force” in Star Wars: Episode 1) as a reason for keeping some things a mystery.  The numbers, for instance, will never be fully explained. 

On seasons five and six:  “We know what the story for the two remaining seasons is, but the big questions on the table now are what goes on in season five and what do we hold for season six.”

This statement leads me to believe that, while the story is blue-printed out, they don't have the blockbuster ending prepared for season 5 yet.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: E! Online
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