Jack Shephard
Jack Shephard

Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard

Dr. Jack Shephard is portrayed by Matthew Fox on the series, Lost. After Jack completed his studies at Columbia University, he pursued his medical education and after years of hard work, finished at the top of his class. He established his career as a spinal surgeon at St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles, and it was there that he met his first wife, Sarah, who was one of his patients. However, because of their busy schedule, they hardly found any time for each other, which led both of them to engage in extramarital affairs. After they divorced, Jack became more estranged with his father, Christian, because he thought Christian was the one sleeping with Sarah. Although proven wrong, Jack escaped to Thailand, where he met Achara. After being branded as an outsider, Jack was forced to leave Achara behind. Upon his return to the United States, he faced an alcoholic Christian, who eventually ruined his career by operating on a pregnant woman under the influence of alcohol. Christian went to Sydney, Australia, where he met his death.

After Oceanic 815 (the number is also the date of Jack’s and Sara’s wedding) crashed, Jack was immediately seen as the leader by the rest of the surviving passengers, not only because of his medical background, but also because he readily took charge of everything. However, he conflicted with Sawyer, mostly because both of them had their eye on Kate. Jack spent his first few weeks on the island taking care of everyone’s wounds, but when several mysteries started unfolding, he found himself immersed deeply in a big puzzle.

One of the most significant things he discovered is the hatch, which eventually led him to become a prisoner of Juliet and Benjamin Linus. Jack was betrayed by fellow survivor Michael in a trade for his son, Walt, into The Others’ hands, where he was talked into operating on Ben Linus. After cutting Ben’s kidney sack and putting his life on the line, Ben agreed to let Jack go home if he let Ben live. However, the submarine that he was supposed to leave on was destroyed.

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