Best User Comments - LOST D.O.C
Best User Comments - LOST D.O.C
According to LOST's hardened core of fans, the show has continued to outdo itself in recent weeks delivering thrilling new episodes with shocking new information that has shaken the reality of the island to the core.  This week, we learned our beloved LOST survivors shouldn't even exist when the mysterious new visitor to the island informed them, eerily, that their plane had been found, and all on board had died!   How did fans respond?  Did LOST jump the shark?  Read on for some of YOUR reactions to this weeks wild episode of LOST.

Jason said: I think the others staged the flight crash somewhere else,maybe salvaging the real wreckage and planting it somewhere else. But when parachute girl said "no survivors", does that mean they found dead bodies? Creepy..this whole thing could be an alternate universe or something. Maybe this was what the Portuguese men were talking about when they said they "found it" at the end of season 2. Maybe they didnt find the island but they found the plane. Sad, that might mean no hope of rescue. Or prachute girl could be working with the others and just pulling their chain to manipulate them and make them give up search for rescuers.Its exciting that she said she isnt alone. Who could be with her?

greg said: Look past the "soap opera" knee-jerk reaction and realize they are playing these strings for a reason. I think the Sun story is key in the Juliet vs Ben drama that will unfold and include Locke and Jack, who is clearly not himself (asking about pregnancy -- maybe it is actually Ben) (nj)

Swimmerpc said: Why aren't we talking about Kate's trist with Swayer? Could a pregnancy come from that? Now wouldn't that be an interesting story line to add to Jin's and the island's intent to kill of pregnant women? Hmm... (Birmingham, AL)

Jackie said:
Desmond already new he was from the other station. He was with Locke, Sayid, Niki and Paolo when they saw him on the monitor in episode 5. As for him being alive I have a theory on that. Since the island has healing properties (Locke, Rose etc.) it may have brought him back. That might be what he meant when he said that she (Naomi) would be OK in 24 hours. But the island did not heal Ben of cancer or the pregnant women because they have been living in The Barracks compound in houses walking on concrete floors. They have no general contact with the island except from one building to the next. While our Losties have been either living on beach or at the caves in the forrest both with direct contact with the island. If that is the case then Sun and anybody else that may get pregnant will have a chance. (NJ)

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