Best User Comments - Are LOST Fans Bloodthirsty?
Best User Comments - Are LOST Fans Bloodthirsty?
A couple of days back we ran the LOST death pool and posed the question:  who would you kill if you had to take out a major character on LOST?   The response was rabid.   There are certainly some characters on LOST who have worn out there welcome, and others that fans can't live without.  Here's a small sampling of what you, the fans, had to say.
Kerry said: Don't care if Jack dies, Jack is a loser with a capital L. Will stop watching if Locke, Sayid, Kate or Sawyer dies. I think I speak for alot of people when I say Jack's character has become boring and I'm fed up of him thinking he is better than everyone else! (UK)

Mrs.Fox said: I will be so bummed if Jack gets killed off. I think that the writers would not have centered so much emotion and development around Jack's story if he was going to be killed off. It would also prevent the development of any relationship between Jack and Claire as siblings. Don't think it's gona happen. (Washington, D.C)

Jason said: I think Jack wont die, and that his character will actually become even more interesting by the end of this season. Possible people to die I believe are Jin, because his character really hasnt been developed and would make for an interesting series of events with Sun being pregnant. Also, I think Des could die or Charlie. As far as the Others I think it could be Juliet in a suicidal move.

bdean said: I think there have been way too many deaths and I'm tired of them but I'll keep watching until Locke and Desmond go. I'm hoping they'll be around till the very end of the whole series. I don't mind at all if Jack goes but I wouldn't put my money on that bet (though I had thought it would be him at first hearing of the deaths). But now I think it's going to be Sayid and Kate. I've heard Ben, too but I hope not. He's my favorite Other and Michael Emerson is an awesome actor ... as are Henry Ian Cusick and Terry O'Quinn. If all of those go ... I think the joy of the story will be gone for me. But I feel safe that Desmond will not die in S03. His story with Naomi (the parachutist) brings life to his character and a new way to go on with him. (Los Angeles)

Smokey said: My $0.02, Dez is definitely on the chopping block, but I don’t think he will die, it will look as though he died for a second time (cliff hanger?) but he and Penny I assume are destined to be together, even if only for one fleeting moment before tragedy strikes (sacrifice). Ben is another that will surprisingly die at the hands of Juliet (Imagine that!) to make way for an even more dangerous Jacob and a more aggressive band of ‘others’. IMHO, Locke & Jack are pivotal to the Black/White – science/faith thread the creators & writers delicately weave on a weekly basis. But who’s to say, I wouldn’t be surprised by any others characters untimely death, but I doubt it will be Charlie… he’s just too cool, in a weasel-like hobbit way…(NYC)

So what do you think?  Has there been enough death on LOST?  Is there a character you would absolutely love, or absolutely hate, to have killed off on LOST?  Sound off.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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