Best LOST Ever? Here's What fans are Saying About One of Us!
Many LOST fans are celebrating what they consider to be LOST's definitive return to form.  It isn't a fluke anymore, LOST is definitely on a roll and that roll isn't going to stop until the season finale.  Tonight's episode "One of Us"  was full of shocking revelations, and answers to questions we thought we'd never get.  Above all, the episode set up what equates to basically a seven part lead up to the season finale.  So this is your chance to speak!  Did you love tonight's LOST, is it back in form?  Are you still watching?  Are you thinking about coming back?  Here is what some of you had to say:

Jackie said: I think this weeks episodes will start the beginning of spiral of events that leads up to a very big suprise at the season ending. (I also am calling it right now that I do not believe for one moment that Jack is foold by Juliet any more than I am) I noticed on on ABC Medianet under lost Press Release that Catch 22 will be reshown at 9:00 on 4/25/07 right before the new episode at 10:00. I think the new character introduction will be big. I also noticed that Mikhail is listed which makes me think that maybe he might be the one Desmond gets help from that is a Nemesis. What do you think guys?

Greg said: At the very end, Juliet is tying a knot on her tent, and looking very mean. Who is she looking at? She is there to kill someone, and my money is on Charlie, as payback for Charlie killing Ethan. The Others don't take kindly to murder. I think the knot is supposed to make us think of Charlie's hanging. Whoever she is looking at, she isn't looking at Jack. And how much of her story about the immune system, etc. is actually true? Oh yeah; SAYID IS NEVER WRONG!

Extra1 said: I have an observation about Marsha Thomason's character. In the first press release for Catch-22, her character was called Parachutist. Then it was changed to Naomi. She also shows up in the next episode. I think that it's possible she parachutes onto the island.

The excitement is DEFINITELY back and next weeks episode looks simply AWESOME!  What do you think?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer