Are the 'Lost' Casting Scoops Much Ado About Nothing?
So where is the radio silence?  That was a question I heard as I was sitting at my desk groping desperately for any little bit of Lost rumorage to weave some excitement around. “Good question.” I said to myself, and went back to the interwebs, im, and emails hoping to shake something loose.  The fact is, the latest crop of Lost casting leaks may seem like something special, but the reality is they are not.  In fact, they could be much ado about nothing.

The funny thing about casting as a source of spoilers is it is one of those things that the producers can use against folks like you and me.  The fact is, the super brainy guys behind Lost – did I mention Carlton Cuse is a Harvard man? – know how we operate.

Once upon a time, character descriptions and casting sides were an excellent source of info.  More often then not, the sides that got posted were actual bits of script from a future episode.  Back in the day, even the descriptions themselves were sometimes several paragraphs long giving major details on the character and who they would be working with.

This wasn't the case with Lost, necessarily, but it was the source for more than one or two major spoilers for just about any prime time show you can think of.  Lost has an interesting approach to dealing with this. 

They are either painfully obvious, such as Horace in “Man Behind the Curtain,” but describe a character with little or no relevance.  Or they give a minor amount of information that, if anything, lends to capturing the audience off guard.  A good example of this is the ‘corporate recruiter' Richard Alpert, who wound up not only being Ben Linus' right hand man, but also one of the mysterious and seemingly ageless ‘hostiles' of Lost folk lore.

Right now is an interesting time as far as the Lost rumor mill is concerned.  A lot of fans, and even some journalists, are sure they know who the latest stable of actors are playing when Lost returns, but in fact no details from the character descriptions have even been confirmed by Lost's production offices.

What seems like a boon of print worthy spoilers in a time of ‘radio silence,' very likely is nothing more than vaporware.  As exciting as it may be to have the information now, the agonizing fact remains that we will have to wait until February to find out if any of it is true, and by then who will care if the release of the info was smoke and mirrors, or not.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image By Jon Lachonis, Logo Copyright ABC)