Answers to Questions Nobody Asked: Watch the 12-Minute 'Lost' Epilogue
Answers to Questions Nobody Asked: Watch the 12-Minute 'Lost' Epilogue
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
I'm pretty sure Lost is trying to kill me. I was finally getting over my disappointment in the finale when Videogum posted the 12-minute epilogue to the series finale. The video, which shows Ben wrapping up loose ends after joining Hurley to take control of the Island, is a harsh reminder of why I hated the Lost series finale.

It answers some questions, but those are insignificant questions that only raise bigger questions which remain unanswered. For instance:

Why does Pierre Chang use pseudonyms?
Where is the Island?
Why are their polar bears on the Island?
What is the purpose of Room 23?

But don't take my word for it, watch the 12-minute Lost epilogue for yourself:

In the first half, Ben and the Lost writers seem to mock audiences by acknowledging that there are a ton of unanswered questions. But Ben only promises to answer one each, and the questions are ones that nobody cares about. Who cares where the Island is, tell us how it moves. And I don't want to know the purpose of Room 23, I want to know what DHARMA learned about the Hostiles from those experiments.

The second half of the video is even worse, bringing back Walt for no real reason. The ending seems like a set-up for a second epilogue, not a suitable ending. What work do they have to do? Why is Hurley dressed in black?

I was hoping the Lost epilogue would just answer questions, even minor ones, but instead, it raised new ones. Now I'm angry over the actual finale and angry over the epilogue. I just wish those two guys loading the food palettes would've knocked Ben down and stolen his case of DHARMA DVDs. That's certainly what I would've done.

What did you think of the Lost epilogue? Are you satisfied, or does it make you feel hollow inside like a chocolate rabbit on Easter?

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