Five New TV Remake Ideas for the Cast of 'Lost'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
On Monday Daniel Dae Kim became the first Lost regular to secure a post-Island career by signing on for the CBS remake of Hawaii 5-0.  Obviously the rest of the Lost cast needs to start finding work fast, so here's our take on how other Lost stars might be able to capitalize on this trend.

Sure, Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly have claimed they're done with TV after Lost ends, but we think our ideas are so good that they'll have no choice but to reconsider that position.  Matthew Fox may want a film career, but the guy from Vantage Point, Speed Racer and We Are Marshall should be like Scott Wolf and keep to awesome TV shows like Everwood, V and The Nine.

And now, without further adieu, our lineup:

Josh Holloway and Jorge Garcia in Jake and the Fatman
It might seem a little on the nose, but since we're rebooting old '80s detective shows, why not reunite two Lost stars in a reimagining of the classic Jake and the Fatman.  Only this time, the Fatman (Garcia) is a carefree, fun-loving district attorney and Jake (Holloway) is a by-the-book, hard-as-nails detective.

Matthew Fox in Po5
Following in the footsteps of 90210 and Melrose Place, the CW could launch Po5, a hip new reboot of the classic Party of Five.  This time around, the five children of Charlie and Kirsten Salinger must cope with the sudden loss of their parents as the kids struggle to stay together.  Matthew Fox can have a recurring role in flashbacks showing Charlie's final months before his sudden and tragic death that may or may not have been an accident.

Evangeline Lilly in The Fugitive
Before The Fugitive was a Harrison Ford movie, it was a '60s TV show, and later it was remade in 2000 with Tim Daly.  It's time to dust it off once again for another version, only this time, the fugitive in question is a woman.  Lilly has proven she can run from the cops and make handcuffs sexy, so why not put that training to good use as the star of a new show where she's on the run to find the one-armed man who killed her wife.  That's right, in this version, Kimble is a sexy lesbian.

Emilie de Ravin in Roswell 2.0
Did Tess really die in the explosion at the end of Roswell?  Not likely, as she returns to reclaim her son Zan, now a high school student with his own relationship problems.  Add to this Zan's slowly emerging alien powers and the CW has a new hit series that could easily be paired with The Vampire Diaries, Smallville or Supernatural.  If it's successful enough (or if her career tanks), Katherine Heigl could stop by as well.

Terry O'Quinn in Kojak
Who loves ya, baby?  O'Quinn could pick up where the lollipop-loving bald detective left off, keeping the streets of New York clean.

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