10 TV Characters We'd Like to Be 'Lost' With
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Since TV's greatest mystery began five seasons ago, we've thought about who we'd want in our Tail Section every time we've boarded a plane. Is dear old Dad really cut out for life on the Island? Could your conniving frenemy outsmart Ben Linus?

Our Lost obsession has even creeped into how we watch other television. Instead of admitting we had a problem when we began to ponder how other TV characters would fare on the Island, we decided to embrace our addiction by making a list of our dream team of TV character's we'd most like to be Lost with.

Dr. Owen Hunt (Grey's Anatomy)

There's plenty of doctors on TV, but no one would be better suited for the injuries and treatment options of the Island than Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy. A US Army Trauma Surgeon known for the unorthodox methods he learned on the battlefield could certainly come in handy on the Island.

Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods)

Andrew Zimmern, who's made his living on the strength of his stomach and willingness to try anything once, would be the perfect guy to be stranded on a remote island with. You'd never go hungry with Andrew, he'd happily tell you which grub was the most delectable and the best way to cook Island vermin.

New Directions (Glee)

If you're going to be stuck on an Island, you might as well have song, dance, and soap-opera style relationship drama to keep you entertained.

Dr. Walter Bishop (Fringe)

We're not fully convinced that Walter didn't in fact come from the Island or the Hatch. What we do know is that his insatiable curiosity coupled with his background of Fringe Science could surely come in handy when trying to solve the mystery of the Island and it's healing qualities.

Michael Scofield (Prison Break)

A man who can break out of and into that many maximum security prisons can surely get us off an island.

Jeff Probst (Survivor)

Jeff already has experience living on an Island with competing forces, so he seems a natural fit for the Island. Plus, he's the king of pointless tropical challenges to help pass the time.

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

Give her a season and Veronica could solve the mystery of the Island and still turn her homework in on time.

Bear Gr
ylls (Man vs. Wild)

If anyone's survival skills could go head-to-head with Locke's, it's Bear Grylls. Here's just a sample of his wild resume: member of the British Special Forces, the youngest Brit to have summited Mt. Everest, and the first unassisted crossing of the treacherous North Atlantic Ocean... in an inflatable raft. If Bear was there, we would have been off the Island years ago.

Dean and Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

If anyone can get to the bottom of the Smoke Monster's origins and stop it, it's the ghost hunting, demon busting Winchester brothers. Extra bonus? Some serious Island eye-candy.

Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor)

If we ever fix that plane, we're going to need someone to fly it!

Which TV character would you pick to be 'Lost' with?