Monday Ratings: 'Lone Star' Goes from Bad to Worse
Monday Ratings: 'Lone Star' Goes from Bad to Worse
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The ratings for premiere week are always a little inflated due to the excitement of a return, but the second Monday of the fall TV season paints a more accurate picture. Most shows fell in the ratings for week 2, including new shows like The Event, Hawaii Five-0 and even Lone Star.

The news is especially bad for FOX's Lone Star, which premiered to great reviews and subpar ratings. The Internet was abuzz with campaigns urging fans to tune in for the second episode, but the efforts only led to a drop from 4.1 million to 3.8 million. With those numbers, the death watch is officially on.

Here are the ratings from Monday:

Dancing with the Stars (8pm): 22.6 million
Castle (10pm): 12.4 million

How I Met Your Mother (8pm): 9 million
Rules of Engagement (8:30pm): 8.1 million
Two and a Half Men (9pm): 13.9 million
Mike and Molly (9:30pm): 11.2 million
Hawaii Five-0 (10pm): 12.3 million

Chuck (8pm): 5.3 million
The Event (9pm): 9 million
Chase (10pm): 6.4 million

House (8pm): 10.1 million
Lone Star (9pm): 3.8 million

90210 (8pm): 2 million
Gossip Girl (9pm): 1.8 million

If there's a winner, it's the old favorites. How I Met Your Mother and Castle were the only scripted shows to improve on their premiere ratings. It's obvious that, after sampling other shows, audiences decided to turn back to familiar favorites. In total viewers, Castle even won the night, thanks in large part to a big DWTS lead-in.

Though Mike and Molly and Hawaii Five-0 did lose some viewers, they are still strong. The Event, on the other hands, dropped more than 2 million viewers from the premiere, which could be the start of something bad. Luckily for fans, even at 9 million, it's still one of NBC's top shows.

But it's still Lone Star that is in the most trouble. After last week's disappointing opening, the numbers are going the wrong way. If Internet campaigns can't save it, FOX may be looking at the first fatality of the fall season.

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