Buddy Bites: 'Lone Star' in Trouble, 'Top Chef' Goes All-Star
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Lone Star Already in Trouble
One of my favorite pilots this season is FOX's Lone Star, and I am sorry to report that the show is in trouble. The show is about a con man in Texas, who after a series of long cons, is determined to live out both of his lives, with both of his wives. The pilot, directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) promised an original series with shades of Big Love, Dallas, and the Sawyer storylines in Lost. Unfortunately, no one watched. The premier episode, which aired on Monday after a solid House lead-in, debuted to only 4.1 million people. Start your campaign! [THR]

Jorge Garcia Back on ABC
Jorge Garcia has snagged his first post-Lost gig. Garcia has signed on to guest-star in the new Matthew Perry show Mr. Sunshine. The show, which will air midseason on ABC, is about a sports arena owner and Garcia will play a staffer at the arena. Mr. Sunshine also stars Lost alum (albeit a one-timer) Allison Janey. Looks like Garcia is on a roll. His friendly mug is the cover of Weezer's latest album, and now he's going to be on a show with Matthew Perry! Way to go Hurley. [Ausiello]

Top Chef Goes All-Star
As if things couldn't get more exciting for Bravo's Top Chef, the competition series' eighth season is going to be an All-Star edition! Tonight on the Top Chef DC reunion special, host Andy Cohen will announce the star studded cast. Eighteen former contestants will square off for a shot at redemption, and to earn the title of Top Chef. I'm all on board anytime a reality competition show wants to do an All-Star edition. They are always immediately entertaining because from the first episode you already know who you like and who you can't stand. Who do you think will come back? [TV Guide]

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