Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail: Best Career Move Ever
Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail: Best Career Move Ever
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Today the iron fist of justice came down on Lindsay Lohan as she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for a parole violation. Look on the bright side, LiLo: You could've been remanded to the custody of your parents.

Judge Marsha Revel handed down the sentence and ordered Lohan to report back on July 20 to begin her 90-day stint in the clink, though if Paris Hilton taught us anything, it will be more like a month.

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I've seen Oz, so I know that the joint can be a scary place, but for an actress like Lindsay, it's the best thing that could've happened. Celebrities being put behind bars is nothing new. Martha Stewart did hard time and now she sips Cristal with Diddy. Lil Kim spent almost a year in the slammer, and after she got out, she went on Dancing with the Stars.

And then there's Hollywood's golden boy, Robert Downey Jr. He went to the hoosegow and had numerous run-ins with the law, yet he still managed to win awards for his work in TV and film, becoming one of the biggest movie stars around.

If Lohan is lucky, her time in the pokey will have the same effect. A little taste of the penal system might do her some good. Maybe she'll come out, book a role on Big Love and win an Emmy, followed by her triumphant return to the silver screen with an Oscar-nominated performance in Freaky Friday 2: Satanic Saturday, a dark comedy where a Satan-worshipping cult leader and his wholesome Christian college student daughter swap bodies.

So good luck, Lindsay Lohan, and hopefully we'll see you again, better than ever, after you finish your time at the big house.

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