'The Biggest Loser' Recap: A 5K While the Trainers Are Away
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: A 5K While the Trainers Are Away
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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The group doesn't have much time to grieve the exit of Cate before Alison shows up with the three trainers. Alison lets everyone know that three more people will leave the ranch that very night. WHAT?! Exhale, guys. It's the trainers. They will be leaving for the week to visit the kids and train with them. The trainers are all scared to leave the teams on their own, but they have the teams write down homework and instructions for the coming week. Bob, Jillian and Dolvett will be back for the last chance workout, but they need to put in the work on their own until then. 


Bob goes to see Biingo and he's doing really well! His mom has lost weight too, by staying on the same healthy eating plan as Biingo. They have healthy food in the fridge, and despite their recent financial struggles that have forced them to move into a relative's basement, they feel like they're on the right track. Bob takes Biingo to the local Minor League baseball field to have a catch with their star pitcher.

Back at the Ranch

The red team is trying push just as hard despite Dolvett's absence. The plan for them is to do the same exact workouts as they would normally do with him. Justin has even stepped up as the loud time keeper. I can see him now, at Fitness Ridge, as the latest addition to training staff. The white team only has two members, so they do everything Jillian told them to do, and they do it together. Blue team is the powerhouse. They have decided to have a different leader each day while Bob is gone. 


Jillian has a heart to heart with Sunny at home. We learn that Sunny is an extreme stress-eater. Her family wants her to be a doctor, so she has spread herself thin with advanced classes and extra curricular activities that she really isn't interested in, just to please her parents. She stifles her stress and unhappiness with food, and instead of getting angry with her parents for the pressure they've put on her, she has the weight to use as an excuse. Jillian wants to have a family meeting, so that Sunny can finally be honest about her dreams. Jillian sits down with Sunny's mom and this gives Sunny the opportunity to have an honest conversation about the future that she wants for herself. Sunny's mom is very receptive and makes it clear that she will support Sunny no matter what. Jillian's big surprise for Sunny is to give rowing crew a try. Jillian actually has a harder time with it than Sunny does! 


Dolvett heads over to Lindsay's house and chats with the family. Her mom has been working out with her in the morning and her sister has been exercising with her in the afternoon. The energy in her house has completely changed. There's happiness here. It's just lighter. Lindsay is clearly making progress. Dolvett also talks to her about the bullies in her school. She wants to be a cheerleader and she quit in middle school because of some terrible mean girls. Dolvett surprises her with some cheerful support from the high school cheerleading team. 

The Challenge

The group is running their first 5K, to benefit The Boys and Girls Club of America. Just for participating, $7,500 will go to the local chapter. For the competition, the team that crosses the finish line first will get $15,000 to split between them. The second place team will get $5,000 and third place will get $2,500. Everyone wins! Danni finishes first, with Joe close behind. Pam crosses in third place. White team gets first place for $15,000, red gets second place and blue comes in third. 

Last Chance Workout

The trainers are back for the last chance workout. Blue and white team up for the workout. Blue starts out sluggish. The week without him has been rough and they haven't been pushing themselves. Red team is doing well, aside from Joe. As Jackson has found his voice, Joe as lost his athletic drive. He takes breaks, makes excuses, and Dolvett is disappointed in his performance. Hopefully he catches on. 

Back over at Bob's box, Jillian is riding the blue fellas. She sees Jeff half-assing each station. When she calls him out, he snaps back. Yikes, not smart, bro. He's not interested in Jillian's technique. He doesn't enjoy the harshness of her words and her belittling manner. Jillian sees a guy with extreme potential, in every aspect of this life. His attitude is clearly getting in his way. She sends him back to Bob. Bob isn't too happy with Jillian either. He's not okay with the way she's yelling at Jeff when he can see that Jeff is trying. 

The Weigh In

Blue is up first. Michael is up first for blue and loses 12 lbs. David loses 9 lbs. Alex loses 4 lbs. Gina loses 9 lbs. Jeff is the last one up and loses 6 lbs. The team's total is 40 lbs. 

Red team is up next and needs to lose at least 30 lbs to be safe from elimination. Joe loses 7 lbs. Francelina loses 6 lbs. Lisa loses 9 lbs. Jackson is up last and loses 12 lbs! Red is safe! The team's total ends up being 34 lbs.

White is up last and needs to lose 13 lbs. If they lose, the person that loses less, goes home immediately. No vote needed. Danni loses 6 lbs. Pam needs to lose 7 lbs to protect white. She loses 3 lbs. She gets sent home. White is down to 1 member. 

The Check In

Back in New York, Pam looks amazing. She has lost a total of 55 lbs since she first arrived on the ranch. She gets her own makeover, since she didn't make it to Makeover Week. She's really excited to start her life again. GO PAM!

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