'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Two Firings -- And A Cliffhanger
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Two Firings -- And A Cliffhanger
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, it's double trouble with two firings, but it's not quite what you think!

But let's start with the week's task, about creating a four-page print ad for a quiet, touch-screen hair dryer. Teresa and Lisa are the two project managers.

Up To No Good

Because of the four separate print ads the teams have to come up with, they each use four models -- out of the same pool. So the two project managers have to negotiate. Well, Lisa decides to play a little dirty, going after the redheaded model Teresa wants the most. Yes, Teresa should not have showed her cards like that, but come on. Lisa just revels in this conniving move and in seeing Teresa squirm. Needless to say, Teresa loses the battle, as much as she denies it later.

Zen Blow Dryer

Aubrey comes up with the concept for her team's product -- of course. It's a futuristic, zen (because the hair dryer is quiet?) concept: Be at peace with your hair. It was a different concept, one that I didn't understand until it was explained. But with the models in yoga poses, I think it works pretty well.

But Aubrey ends up firing one of the models and then ends up taking over the spot. I'm just surprised she didn't offer that up from the start!

Don't Judge a Book, Err, Hair Dryer By Its Cover

Over on Lisa and Clay's side, things are going pretty smoothly between the two. Clay does get a little ticked that he's directing the photo shoot, but I feel like the show is really trying to pull something. Overall, it's not all that interesting as they're just working well together. They're feeling a little cautious, however, that their concept might be a little too abstract: Their four appear a certain way on the outside (like nerdy, tomboy) but on the inside, they're different. And it's going to relate to the hair dryer because there's more to it than meets the eye.

The judges say their presentation lacked passion -- whatever that means, because they seem pretty passionate for a hair dryer as one can be about that product. Another negative that's pointed out is that the clothes looked outdated, which is funny because Lisa went shopping with one of the models.

Falling Under Pressure

Teresa completely bombs her portion of the presentation in front of the judges. I know even though she's a celebrity, she doesn't sing or talk or perform in front of crowds on a regular basis, but still. If she knows she's not a great public speaker, she should practice. But instead, she reads off a sheet of paper.

And because of that, mostly, she's fired after her group loses the task. Even though the judges pointed out the ads lacked the descriptions of the key features that makes the hair dryer revolutionary.

No Time to Celebrate

After the predictable firing, the final four don't even get to savor their victory, as they're called into the boardroom again: After John Rich and Marlee Martin, previous Celebrity Apprentice winner and runner-up, interviews each one of them separately, Trump will take their comments into consideration -- and fire two, to set up the final two!

I wish it wasn't done this way -- it's not like the two recommend who to fire, or they offer anything we don't already know: Lisa can't control her emotions, is Clay a leader or a follower, does Arsenio have a temper and is Aubrey the real deal?

And The Final Two Are...

Trump goes through everyone, telling them their strengths and weaknesses -- and fires Lisa! I was certain she'd make the final two. Yes, she might not have the greatest (or any) tactic when dealing with people, but I just thought her strength, and also her "humor," would carry her through. But nope. I understand why someone wouldn't want that type of personality to represent Trump's company, brand and ultimately himself. The second firing will be revealed in the first 10 minutes of the next show, leaving plenty of time to discuss who will be fired.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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