'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Jingle All The Way?
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Jingle All The Way?
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the three-person teams have to write, create and perform a 90-second jingle for a roadside assistance company in front of a live audience. Before any brainstorming begins, Dayana -- who's the project manager, no less -- wonders how a jingle is different than "Jingle All the Way," the Christmas carol. You can probably see how this ends.

Meanwhile, with Arsenio as the other project manager, his only real task is to kiss up to Aubrey, which he says so himself.

Headed for Disaster?

Lisa and Clay waste a ton of time trying to explain the history of American music to Dayana, who calls on Duran Duran as a source of inspiration.

The looks Lisa and Clay give to each other are priceless, but they appease her, since she's the project manager. But then it gets to be too much, as Dayana tries to write lyrics and rhyme words that don't go together. It's all very uncomfortable to watch. Dayana wants to prove to be an effective project manager, yet she's really micromanaging -- which is probably worse than doing nothing at all. She especially irks Clay when she starts telling him how to sing.

Meanwhile, Aubrey's taking over "creative." Surprise, surprise. She wants to do a cheerleading routine, which sounds horrible. She goes on and on about how she can write a song from nothing. You know, the usual patting of herself on the back.

Pom-Poms and Ponytails

I was slightly horrified at the performance of Arsenio's team. I could barely look past the cheesy, awful outfits to admit their actual tune, lyrics and message is pretty catchy and informative. But their execution is awful. I'm pretty sure a group of 10-year-olds could've delivered that performance a lot classier than they did.

The company comments that the cheerleading theme and outfits are a "bit too sexy" for the demographic, but compliment them on the catchy, energetic performance. And while they praise Arsenio and Aubrey's performances, they wish Teresa contributed more.

Going Old School

Clay's group's performance is in one word -- cute. Lisa does a great job acting as the radio host, and the singers -- Clay included -- are great. Their costumes are phenomenal, especially compared to Aubrey's team.

The company commends Clay's singing and Lisa's writing but wonder where Dayana is. They like the overall presentation, energy and enthusiasm but feel the theme is more on the conservative side.

In the Boardroom

Dayana and Lisa argue for a majority of the time that's spent with the Donald -- it's nothing we haven't heard before. What's funny is Clay fails at trying to keep his composure. He doesn't outright laugh, but his face turns red and it feels like he's going to lose it any minute.

What strikes me the most is later when Ivanka says something to the effect of how Dayana should've changed her approach to appeal to Lisa so there would be a better working environment. That's exactly what Arsenio had been doing. At first, I didn't like him sucking up to her since she ends up talking so much crap about him off camera. But in doing so, Arsenio kept the peace, which Dayana did not do. She kept fighting. I understand she felt she had to prove something, but in trying to do that, she made me start disliking her and wanting her off the show.

Despite the horrible outfits, Arsenio's team wins, and he gets $45,000 for his charity.

You're Fired

Well, it's all but a formality at this point. Trump doesn't even try to give any reason Lisa or Clay should be fired. He gives Dayana a lot of really nice compliments -- but then fires her.

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