'Lincoln Heights' Tyler Posey and 'Hard Times' Crystal Reed Star in MTV's 'Teen Wolf'
'Lincoln Heights' Tyler Posey and 'Hard Times' Crystal Reed Star in MTV's 'Teen Wolf'
MTV is jumping on the werewolf bandwagon with a new project starring Lincoln Heights actor Tyler Posey, and newcomer Crystal Reed.  The two have signed up for roles in the upcoming TV version of the classic '80s flick titled Teen Wolf, originally featuring Michael J. Fox.

The Hollywood Reporter has stated that the lead role in the remake has been given to Tyler Posey, known for his work as Andrew Ortega in the ABC Family show.  He will be playing the character Scott McCall, described by the source as "a dorky high-school student who gets a rush of new powers, including the ability to attract girls, after a wolf attack."

Meanwhile, Crystal Reed will of course be his love interest, or vice versa.  She'll be portraying a sweet girl who moves into town and encounters Scott.  Upon first glance, she is smitten by him, but it's possible that it's just his werewolf aura.

Joining the two in Teen Wolf are Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien.  The former plays a local boy who is already a vicious werewolf, while the latter is Scott's best friend who helps him out through his transformation.

The pilot presentation of Teen Wolf has been written by Jeff Davis, the creator of Criminal Minds.  He also produced the project, along with Marty Adelstein and Rene Echevarria.  The series is supposedly a darker take on the original version, with more drama and subtle comedy.

From Lincoln Heights and a role in Brothers and Sisters to this new production, Tyler Posey seems to be getting a break in his career.  Crystal Reed is doing so as well, thanks to Teen Wolf.  She was last seen in MTV's Hard Times with hardly a memorable performance.

There hasn't been an exact release date for the launch of Teen Wolf yet, but we're betting on hearing more about it some time next year.  

Source: MTV, The Hollywood Reporter
(Image Courtesy of IMDB)