'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Gorgons Can Be Artists Too
'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Gorgons Can Be Artists Too
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Well here we are again, in the same situation as last week. And by that I mean that Omarosa is still here because of one her teammate's doormat personalities. And she is feeling quite pleased with herself for surviving the last few weeks, as if she deserves any of the credit, and the blame doesn't rest completely on the stupidity of LaToya and Claudia.

Since this week is a condensed one-hour episode, we get right to business, which is a nice change of pace. Donald Trump, Eric Trump and Piers Morgan meet the contestants outside Trump International Tower next to a big metal globe that Trump calls "art." He tells them their challenge this week is to create, market and sell their own 3-D art in a fundraiser task. He also moves Trace Adkins from Team Plan B (which he formed at the beginning of the season) to Team Power.

Team Power

Lil Jon offers to take the helm for the task on Team Power. Additionally, Trace is not very happy about being moved from a team that has won the last two tasks that he hand-picked over to a team that contains the evil gorgon Omarosa.

Dennis knows that he won't be able to bring in a lot of big donors so he makes sure to contribute in other ways. He brings in some signed sports memorabilia to include on his art.

Omarosa isn't worried about what she raises. She says she has a knack of getting herself out of tight spots, especially when it comes to boardrooms. But she's worried enough to give one of her donors $2,000 of her own money to contribute to the task. I'm not sure if this is actually cheating, but if it's not, it's shady as hell.

Team Plan B

Lisa Rinna volunteers to be the project manager. She is happy to get another chance at being project manager (since she was fired on her season after the only time she was P.M.) but she is nervous that it is a fundraising task.

The more I see Stephen on this show the more I'm convinced that there is something off about him, but I can't quite put my finger on it. He starts babbling on about creating valuable art to sell through one of his connections who is an art dealer when everyone knows that the point of a fundraising challenge is getting in donors not actually creating art. In the process of his babbling he is rude again to Marilu and disrespectful to Lisa.

Anyway, the weirdness continues when Lisa brings in some big donors and they buy some of Stephen's pieces. He gets all bent out of shape, claiming that his art collectors were going to buy all his pieces and now he won't get any of the money he thought he would.

Gary is distracting, as usual, but gets scarily excited when someone buys his Mr. Hang Brain sculpture. Penn brings in money from the Blue Man Group (albeit cash hidden in jello molds) and a big donation from his partner Teller.


Lisa says that Penn was the star of their team for bringing in the most money. She also says that if they lose both Gary and Stephen would be brought back because they raised zero and $5,000 respectively. While Gary's zero is inexcusable, Stephen's measly $5k is almost as bad, because not only should he know some big name celebs willing to give money, but he admitted in the last fundraising task that he was holding back for when he's project manager on a money-raising task.

Lil Jon says that he would also bring back people who raised the least amount of money, who are Dennis and Omarosa.

Team Power raises $179,500 and Team Plan B raises $225,000. So Lisa raises almost $405,000 for St. Jude's Children Hospital.

Smelling danger, the little hairs on Omarosa's back stick up and she starts blaming Lil Jon for taking charge on a fundraising task that he clearly couldn't handle. She also is quick to point out that she raised $2k more than Dennis, but fails to say how exactly she raised that extra cash.

Everyone, including Piers, sticks up for Dennis, saying that his bringing in the signed balls and bat was a creative way to make their art more valuable. Brande even finally grows a backbone to tell Trump that she thinks Omarosa is the one who should get fired.

Lil Jon finally makes a sane decision to bring Omarosa and Dennis back to the final boardroom with him. Dennis puts on a great show against Omarosa, shrewdly bringing up how she barely escaped being fired the last two weeks as well as her fake crying bit. Trump is not only impressed with Dennis standing up to Omarosa, he is also happy to see him putting such an effort into remaining clean and sober and really taking the game this time around seriously.

And there is nothing left for the witch lady to say or do to save herself. Finally, Trump fires Omarosa. And the peasants rejoice. 

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