'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Baze, The Boy Who Grew Up
'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Baze, The Boy Who Grew Up
Ana Acosta
Ana Acosta
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Life Unexpected's finale is only two weeks away and we need to get ready, so make sure you keep a box of tissues close to your TV set. In the meantime, let's remember why we love Baze.

At first sight, he is the guy who can get away with anything thanks to his cuteness, playful personality and smirky sense of humor. By no means is he husband and -- let alone -- parent material! However, throughout his life he has mastered the art of proving people just how wrong they are about him, starting with his own father.

Daddy Issues

Jack had high expectations for his son. A business man like himself, his dad only wanted to see him succeed, and though Baze shone as his high school's sports star, he never showed any interest in the family business. 

In the beginning of season 1, we see that he still hasn't left the nest; his mother does his laundry for him, and he's living in a building owned by his father and avoids running into him even though he has to pay him rent every month. He shares his loft with two other guys and struggles to make a living on his own terms, running a bar. Yes, the ultimate dream for a man-child: parties every night, free beer and getting to meet lots of women.   

Things started to change when, one morning, there was a knock on the door. A teenage girl with blonde hair, wearing a "Don't bug me" T-shirt was standing there, looking for her father. This time, Baze didn't want to bail, he wanted to fix things and make it better. Therefore, the boy had to grow up. He focused on making a profitable business out of the bar in order to support Lux and did everything in his power to help her feel at home. In the blink of an eye, he was in the middle of a really adult situation, and Cate was the only one experiencing the exact same thing. 

The only difference seemed to be that Cate had her life under control; she had a stable job and a serious relationship -- she could offer Lux something he was so far from achieving. What Baze didn't know was that Cate may have appeared to be more confident than she actually was. Their reconnection made her take a closer look at her past, where things began to go wrong. Baze was not the man who had shattered her ability to trust, it was her own father. And while Cate was dealing with her abandonment issues, Baze was beating her in the screw-up category. He never felt worthy of someone like Cate. If Jack never believed in him, why would she, or anyone else for that matter?

Growing Pains

In the second season, Baze faced the consequences of gathering up courage a little too late and vowed to never make the same mistake twice. He put on a suit and tie and earned himself a spot on his father's company. He had to impress his future boss first, which was no easy task, but since he wasn't ready to give up, persistance paid off. 

Emma was his chance to start over. Baze wasn't going to wait around knowing that she was his chance to be happy with someone who allowed him to be the best version of himself. Baze kept his distance from Cate and Ryan as he finally had a relationship of his own, but he ocassionally lent an ear to their marital troubles. Baze was more in control of his life and Cate's future couldn't look less promising; it was as if they had switched places.    

One thing remained the same. Whenever Lux needed them, they all held a united front. Whether she was lying, having problems at school, risking her life, making stupid decisions or setting herself free from the past, Baze has always been there. He has believed in her, in who he thinks she is and in who he knows she can be. Maybe, in his mind, she is the one good thing he has done. Yes, Lux was alone most of her life, but ever since she stepped into their lives, Baze has only been caring and protective of her. 

So, people do change; people can turn their lives around. All they need is a reason to take action. In the next episode there are more challenges heading his way, and depending on how he deals with the events involving Eric and Emma, we'll know just how much it hurts to care for someone other than yourself.

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