'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: History Repeating
'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: History Repeating
Ana Acosta
Ana Acosta
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In the past, every time the Cassidys and Baziles got together, we could count on two things. First, Cate's mother getting drunk and her sister Abby trying to psychoanalyze her every decision. Second, Baze's father disapproving his every step. Last night's Thanksgiving dinner was, as predicted, not the exception.

Too Much Food, Too Much Family

It's Lux's first real Thanksgiving, and Baze has it all planned out. He wants Emma and Sam to join them. The more the merrier, "I'm a junk drawer kind of guy," he says. She reminds him of the company's policy: no dating among employees. Since his parents -- and her boss -- are supposed to be out of town, it doesn't seem to be an issue.

What's a Little Hit and Run Among Friends?

Eric tells Lux that Math invited him to spend Thanksgiving with them. There's no denying it's just an excuse to be around her. Sam sees them together again and takes advantage of the situation. He blackmails Lux; she ows him one for taking the blame after the Homecoming incident, and he wants to get out of an English assignment.

"Just Because I Don't Want To Have Alcohol First Thing In The Morning, It Doesn't Mean I'm Pregnant"

Cate wanted to throw the most perfect Thanksgiving dinner for Lux, and spending it with Laverne and Abby doesn't sound close to it; so Baze invites them over to his place. 
She is so tense that Baze can't help but notice that he hasn't seen her so moody since high school ... and we all know what happened in high school!

Baze doesn't suspect anything in spite of all the hints. Mothers and sisters, on the other hand, know each other too well. Cate is having a hard time accepting the facts; she's taken four pregnancy tests and still doesn't want to tell Ryan because she isn't sure. Actually, she's afraid he'll move back in only because there's a baby on the way and not because of her.

"What's Keeping You Guys Apart? The Lies, the Infidelity ... the Lies?"

When Cate and her family arrive at Baze's loft, who just happens to be getting there? Ryan. Paige went off to Costa Rica, and he couldn't handle his parents alone. Cate hopes they can work everything out that night. Ryan doesn't look as convinced. 

"Cocktails Slash Appetizers, Anyone?"

Let the drama begin! Abby is upset beacuse nobody told her Baze had a new girlfriend. 
Emma appreciates Baze twisting her arm; Sam needed some kind of family tradition.
Out of nowhere, Baze's parents show up. She quickly excuses herself saying she was there "to drop some files." Baze makes sure everyone knows that as far as Jack is concerned they are not dating. 

"No Teenage Shananigans"

Sam is not too surprised to see Mr. Daniels there. She makes it clear; they're not sleeping together ... but she is seeing him. Sam finds a picture of the two of them at the wedding they crashed. He's willing to trade it for a kiss. Or else he'll tell her parents, the school board, even the police. She does it (it's kind of nice seeing her with someone age appropriate!), but he doesn't keep his word.

Lux tells Eric what's been going on with Sam. Now they give some serious thought to the implications? Yes, you could get arrested! 

Lux is thinking about telling Cate the truth about Eric ... she wants her and Baze to know that she wasn't a victim. Tasha is worried because Sam may also tell them about Trey. She doesn't want to lose everything she now has.

Therapy 101

According to Abby, Cate denies the men in her life the chance to be there for her. She did it with Baze, and she's doing it with Ryan. In the heat of the moment Abby doesn't think before she talks and gives Emma and Baze up to his parents. 

Jack asks Baze to end it or else he's fired. Baze isn't going to take it. If it hasn't affected his work -- on the contrary, he's actually doing better -- why punish him?

So, dinner was all about insinuations about Cate's pregnancy and Baze's relationship with Emma. 

Cate is upset because nothing goes the way she plans; she accidentally grabs a glass of alcohol to spit it all over the turkey seconds later. She has no other choice but to let everyone know that she's preggers.

Ryan wants to move back in, exactly what she didn't want to happen. Nothing has really changed in their marriage, a baby won't fix anything. Ryan is standing right in front of her, what she was missing 16 years ago. The thing is, she's an adult now. 

"You Were Getting Your Life Back Together, Making Grown-Up Choices"

Jack doesn't agree with the decisions Baze has made when it comes to women, he's gone from bad to worse. Whether or not Emma has made him a better man, Jack doesn't care ... "If you're going to make bad choices, I'm gonna tell you." Emma knows how hard he's worked to provide for Lux and prove to his dad that he is that guy. He shouldn't risk it by dating her.

I'm a sucker for Baze's scenes with his dad!! He stops Emma from leaving and asks Jack to leave instead. Things between them have not changed. He can make the right choice, and between him and Emma, he chooses Emma. Who would have known that I could actually like Baze being with someone other than Cate? 

Cate asks Ryan to go to the doctor's appointment together. They finally seem to be heading in the right direction when Lux interrupts. She wants to talk to her. A minute later comes Math saying the police are asking for Cate. They want to talk to Tasha's legal guardians; she's wanted for assault. Sam claims he wasn't the one who called. Ryan's "What the hell did I get myself into?" look says it all. 

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