'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Ana Acosta
Ana Acosta
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Those -- like me -- who were anxious to know more about Lux and her past got just what they were asking for. Have you been wondering why she never talks about what she went through at the foster homes, why she feels the need to hide the truth, and why Valerie, the one person who seemed to think of her as a daughter, was shut down? 

All of these questions were answered in last night's episode as more were raised. Prepare yourselves to be shocked.

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"Stop Talking About My Marriage." "What Marriage?"

Cate and Ryan stopped living under the same roof, but they keep working together. Cate tries talking to him, but he acts as if he's just giving her what she asked for: space. Ryan was honest about his reasons for marrying her; he's still waiting for her answer.

"You Can't Say the Teachers at Westmonte Don't Care"

Eric suspected that Lux wasn't doing well at school because she had a learning disability. She was in fact diagnosed with a neurological disability called dysgraphia, which refers to the inability to express thoughts on paper. By looking at her records Eric noticed that her handwriting changed in seventh grade; what often looks as poor penmanship can also be a symptom. The school recommends Cate and Baze to take her to a neurologist. Just another day in the life of Lux. While everyone else is going to homecoming, she's having her head examined. Eric promises her a homecoming of their own.

"Dads Provide. You Want To Worry About The Past, That's Your Thing. I Want to Take Care of What's Happening Right Now" 

Baze wants to sign a big client in order to pay the doctors' bills. According to the doctor, Lux suffered a stroke, which could be related to the heart condition she had as a child. She claims not to remember any injuries. Cate is upset; she is supposed to know these things. She is the mother, but she can't be of any help.

Cate looks for Lux's medical records at Sunnyvale, but they don't have any records from that period. Tasha gives Cate the address of someone who might know what happened. Cate goes to her former foster home. She asks Valerie about any accidents that might have triggered Lux's condition. She tells Cate that she and her husband took good care of Lux and Tasha for as long as they let them. Valerie even shows her a card Lux wrote as a child, calling her "mom". She says that she always tried to make up for the life Lux had had, but the harder she tried to reach out, the more violent she would get. According to Valerie, Lux wouldn't stop lying and even hurt her husband. 

Introducing Sam

Baze's plan to keep Sam out of trouble is to have Lux take him to homecoming. If she's going, what's the difference, right? Lux calls Eric in secret to let him know she can't get out of it. Sam realizes why she's pissed off; she isn't able to leave the dance to meet "Minnesota."

Cate gets a call from school about Lux and a joint. She says she was only putting it out, but how can Cate believe her? All of this time Lux has said that nobody wanted her, Valerie says otherwise. Cate doesn't know what's the truth anymore. 

"I Finally Have a Real Mom and You Sabbotage It. You Haven't Screwed Me Enough Already, You Have to Screw Me over Again?"

Lux and Tasha take off in Cate's car with Sam, who has no idea what he's getting himself into. They arrive at Valerie's home. No more lies, only the awful truth. Lux is not confused or troubled; she's not the problem. Valerie's husband pushed her down the stairs and puched her in the chest; that's why she hit him.

The man shows up and grabs Lux by her hair and doesn't let go. Tasha hits him from behind with a shovel and he falls to the ground. Sam is watching in shock from the car. 
Tasha and Lux hurry back to the car and drive off, Sam wants to get out of there. While they argue Lux crashes the car. She calls Ryan for help and makes Tasha promise nobody will know about what happened.

When Ryan brings Lux and Sam home, Cate attempts to reach out, but Lux pushes her away. She doesn't understand why Lux has been telling lies, cheating and stealing. Lux believes that all that Cate wants is a confirmation, that she was already like that, that it's not Cate's fault.

Sam protects her, saying he is the one who stole the car and that Tasha and Lux tried to stop him. "I'm sure my mom will confirm it, the only screw-up here is me."

What's in Store for Cate And Ryan?

All of this helped Cate come to the conclusion that she married Ryan not only because she loved him and wanted to be with him. When Lux found her, Cate knew that if she could rely on one person, it was Ryan. They clearly need him in their lives.

Baze and Emma, on the Fast Track

At the charity event, Baze only needs to sit at the piano and play "Ice, Ice, Baby" to get Candy as a client. Emma isn't too happy about how he flirted his way into closing the deal. He is willing to do whatever it takes for Lux.

"Because whoring yourself out is a great way to parent." Ouch, just touched a nerve there, Emma! Baze isn't going to take advice on how to raise his kid from someone who sends hers away to avoid dealing with him. 

The next day, Baze apologizes to Emma. It isn't as easy as it seems. He wasn't around and missed out on a lot of key moments in Lux's life. Emma's still jealous of their relationship, she doesn't know how to make her son like her.

Will Sam Keep Her Secrets?

At school, Sam runs into Eric and Lux. Her mother just enrolled him. He brings the news that the man attacked with a shovel was hospitalized. It doesn't take him long to figure out what's going on between them.

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