'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Everyone Has A Past
'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Everyone Has A Past
Ana Acosta
Ana Acosta
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Have you been wondering who was the mystery woman calling Ryan? In "Honeymoon Interrupted," we get that answer and, as expected, a whole lot of drama!

While Cate and Baze are getting along in the most perfect way imaginable, her relationship with Ryan is falling to pieces. Baze and Emma are a complete different story, he is determined to avoid making the same mistakes of the past.

A New Love Triangle?

Lux wakes up and comes across her teacher, who spent the night at her place ... I guess this means Eric and Paige are serious. Lux doesn't want him to be her tutor anymore. It's not working for her -- or either of them, for that matter.

Paige is the supervising adult looking after Lux while her parents are out. What?! Anyway, Eric shows up with a movie in order to help her out with school. Afterwards, Lux and Eric discuss The Outsiders; she understands the story but doesn't want Eric's help, at all. 

Lux and Eric start arguing. He doesn't want her to give up on the tutoring because it's the only way that they can see each other. He wants to get to know her more ... I know it's wrong, but I just can't help myself; they're too cute together! Eric won't give up. The only way he knows how to help Lux is through her school work. He suggests that she may have a learning disability. I thought she was going to take offense, but she didn't.

Eric brakes up with Paige, he tells her that he has feelings for someone else. Lux arrives at school only to find out that Eric has stepped back, and there's a new tutor in his place.

"Going Balls-Out"

In other relationship news, Baze asks Cate for advice on how to date Emma, since she's a lot like her -- "slightly uptight, a little neurotic." Yeah, we noticed! Her advice is to meet her somewhere outside the office, where she doesn't have to play the boss role. 

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are going on a "staycation;" they are spending the weekend at the new hotel in town. As they walk into the hotel they recognize Baze's boss and his dad, which can only mean one thing; Baze is crashing their honeymoon. Hey, if he has a girl in mind, all of his energy will be focused on her; don't complain! 

Steve, Emma's date, looks like a keeper, but Baze doesn't stay far behind. He even impresses his dad with all the numbers talk. Unfortunately, Jack knows just how to make people feel bad about themselves, and this time, he does it to Emma.

Baze wants to make sure she knows that even though she suffered the wrath of Jack things can change. He changed and their relationship changed, which brought him to that moment, with her. He tries to kiss her, but Emma pulls away; she knows a million reasons why it's wrong. 

After Baze bumps into Steve, and -- wait for it -- his boyfriend, Emma has to admit that relationships take up too much time and effort. It's easier that way than going alone to those events. Baze believes that putting yourself out there doesn't mean you'll get hurt, but Emma begs to differ. 

Baze realizes that if he had done things differently with Cate, the outcome may have been different. So this time with Emma he won't be afraid of not having the balls to put himself out there to get hurt. "I think you are crazy hot and scary as hell, and I like you." Best. Love. Declaration. Ever.

Julia: Mystery solved

Cate and Ryan are looking at their wedding album. Cate notices Julia in the background. It was a cool way to introduce Julia, but who takes professional photos like that? So, what happened between Ryan and Julia? Let's just say that now we know where and with who Ryan spent the night after finding out Cate had cheated on him with Baze. Then, on the day before the wedding, Julia came to their house to break the news of -- wait for it -- a possible pregnancy. 

Cate calls to check up on Lux and asks Paige about Julia. She turns out to be Ryan's ex, the one who got away, the one he never told her about.

The roles have been interchanged. Who is the liar now? Hello, Mr. Righteous, I'm talking to you! Cate had asked him if he had doubts of his own, he even said he was putting Lux's interest first when in reality he was just buying time to know for sure if Julia was pregnant. If she had been, he might have called the wedding off.

Baze usually speaks more than he should. In only a few minutes with Ryan he spills that, before the wedding, Cate thought she had feelings for him.

Ryan wonders, if Baze had told her that he loved her, would she have called off the wedding? Cate is not sure about what she would have done. At least they're on the same page. When Lux leaves for her tutor class, Cate sees the bowl Julia gave them as a wedding gift and she smashes it against the floor. The least she could do!

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