'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Gimme Some Truth
'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Gimme Some Truth
Ana Acosta
Ana Acosta
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At last! The so talked about crossover episode of the Tuesday's series has finally arrived. I don't know about you, but with all the hype I wasn't quite sure what to expect. When it comes to the second season of Life Unexpected, you can count on one thing: don't move an inch away from your TV because you will miss some of the action. 

For instance, if I've learned anything so far is that secrets don't remain secret for long in Portland. Laverne (Cate's mother) is back to let the world know that Cate and Ryan are trying to have a baby - that woman is a hurricane! Her presence gives Cate the chance to face her past and her present with a little help from One Tree Hill's Haley James Scott.

Truth Number One - Cate and Ryan - "Has The Truth Ever Occurred To You?"

Ryan discovers that Cate is still on the pill... next time, do a better job hiding them, Cate! The thing is, she doesn't know why she doesn't want a baby. Maybe it's because she feels like a crappy mom; or because she had a crappy mom who didn't support her during her first pregnancy; or because she just got Lux back; or because her career is not where it was supposed to be; or because they just got married; or because she needs time to think about it without him rushing her. Take your pick. Ryan, are you sure you want to have a baby with this woman? She's a wreck. He gives her time to find a good reason for lying, there's no marriage without trust. 

After the concert they have a serious talk. Cate realized why she didn't want to have a baby. It's the guilt she would feel for raising a child in front of Lux. She's been choosing her over him, which was not fair. 

Truth Number Two - Laverne

Cate tells her mother that she needs Ryan to think that she's trying because, otherwise, he is going to leave her. Hmm, aren't the consequences of a huge lie just worse than not wanting a baby? Would someone talk some sense into her?

We find out that Laverne told Cate to give up Lux and, to her daughter, acting all excited about a new baby isn't going to change that fact. Cate always assumed that at age eighteen, her mother had never actually wanted to have her, this time she gets to hear it coming out of her own mouth. Yes, she had to give up her career and didn't want Cate to go through the same, but still ... Cate tells her that the reason why she doesn't want kids is because she doesn't want to blame them for not being able to be where she wants to be ... just like Laverne does. 

The next morning, Cate makes it clear to Lux that she doesn't want her to feel replaced. Lux found out - the hard way - that the world doesn't revolve around her (no kidding!), that not everyone is going to be there forever. Not Jones, not Tasha... but, she can definitely count on Cate. 

Truth Number Three - Tasha and Jones/Lux and Eric

"All Good Things Must End." 

Without even having to explain the situation to him, Eric understands Lux's feelings about the baby news. She just found Cate and she's not ready to share her, "even if that someone is the size of a burrito." 

"You See Him Walk Away? Even His Hair Looks Sad."

Lux goes looking for Jones, but Eric goes after her. She likes Jones, but he doesn't get her the way that Eric does. And, he gets why she keeps picking the wrong guys, people with whom it won't work out, only to prove that she's right, because she is afraid they'll leave. Nobody wants to be rejected and choosing Jones would mean breaking the cycle. If she doesn't, she isn't ready to break it yet. 

Tasha finds herself making excuses for Lux's absent-mindness as she spends time with Jones. You snooze, you lose! Jones went there because Tasha asked him. He has waited too long for Lux. They kiss! I didn't see that one coming.

"We Were The Same."

Lux doesn't want Tasha to have Jones either. Well, make up your mind! Tasha tells her that she can't have everything and everyone. You tell her, girl! Did Lux ever think what it was like for Tasha to have her own mother not wanting her while Cate never doubted taking her in even when she hadn't met her kid before? 

Truth Number Four - Baze

Emma invites herself to the concert after over-hearing Baze asking the copy girl out. She wants to sign in artists and athletes to the investment company - such as Mia Catalano and her producer Haley James Scott, who happens to be married to NBA star, Nathan Scott. They are not on the list and end up in concert jail after trying to force their way in. They have lots of time to share bad dates' stories; they talk about their ideal partners... did Emma compare Cate to "that chick from Roswell"? Haha!

Lux tells Cate that Baze needs to know nothing is going to change between the three of them. I was missing the beer chats on the roof! He confesses that for the first time in a while, he felt a spark (between him and Emma!) and knowing that Cate's moved on, has helped him do the same. Has Cate really moved on? I don't think so!

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