'Life is Wild' Star Grateful for Small but Loyal Fan Base
'Life is Wild' Star Grateful for Small but Loyal Fan Base
The CW's new family drama Life is Wild has been unable to capture a larger number of viewers since it premiered in October.  Nevertheless, show star D.W. Moffett is still grateful for the show's relatively small but loyal audience.

“A big thank you from myself, the cast and crew of Life is Wild for continuing to support our show in such a consistent way,” Moffett posted on the show's TV Guide blog.  “Our viewing numbers, though small, are stunningly consistent, which means we have found our core audience – that's you!”

However, D.W. Moffett added that they are still hoping to attract more viewers, especially since they want the show to be renewed for another season.

“We are looking for a few more to bolster the numbers but thank you!!!  We appreciate your viewership and since all of you have such great taste in programming, feel free to tell your friends, your mom [if you want], your boss [he/she will think you are very insightful to have found such an interesting and beautiful new show] and everyone you know,” he said.  “We want to come back next year and make more tales from Africa for you.”

Life is Wild, a drama series based on the British program Wild at Heart, follows a blended family as they leave the hustle and bustle of New York for the wild terrains of South Africa.

Since the series is actually filmed in South Africa, the cast and crew are subject to European work regulations.  D.W. Moffett, who plays the family patriarch, doesn't mind having to adjust to the country's labor laws, especially since it means working for a shorter period of time.

“Well, I'm loving the 12-hour day,” Moffett said in an interview with movieweb.com last month.  “As you all know, the level of quality that's required now in America hour shows, everybody's working 15 hours a day and it just chews crews up, and it's tough on folks.  And I think we're making our days, and we're doing it in 11 hours with animals.  And so that's been a wonderful adjustment.”

However, he said that filming in Africa has proven challenging as he not only has to spend time away from his family, he must also adjust to the country's culture.

“I think for me the hardest part has been, you know, being away from the family, and just sort of getting settled into a totally different new country,” he said. “I was shocked about how little I knew about Africa until I got here… The crew is very professional.  It's like shooting in America, except there's an elephant right behind you.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TV Guide, movieweb.com
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