'X Factor' Results Recap: America Votes Off Its First Act
'X Factor' Results Recap: America Votes Off Its First Act
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night, the final 12 sang LIVE for our votes ... and did you? Vote, that is? If you didn't, I hope you have a good excuse ready, because not having enough methods to cast your votes definitely isn't an option.

Now, in the words of our very un-Welsh voiceover man: It's tiiiiime ... to faaaace ... THE MUSIC!

But before we do, let's take a look back at last night's performances, shall we? I posted my rankings (which apparently didn't sit well with at least one commenter, but hey... it's all opinion! And that just goes to show: You never know if your favorites are popular across the board. Just another reason to vote!) and here they are:

Now that you've seen my rankings, make your own in your head (or better yet, in the comments) and let's get on to the show.

Group Number: "Without You" by David Guetta ft. Usher

Everyone's clad in black and gold to perform their very first group number, and it's no surprise that our strongest soloists (Drew, Josh, Melanie, Rachel...) make the strongest impressions. Astro also gets to do a little rap interlude. My favorite parts of the song were actually the group choruses, though -- even with so many voices (if I'm counting correctly, there were 28 people on stage? Is that right?) the lyrics were crystal clear. It's a nice way to open the first results show: They're singing to us, America. They'd be nothing without us! Well, our votes.

Then, it's time to recap last night's performances. Wait, we already did that. Right here!

After some technical difficulties, I was able to tune back in just in time to see the tail end of what looks like an elaborate musical interlude of "Tonight is the Night" by Outa Sight (yes, the song we've all heard a million times now, thanks to The X Factor's ever-present Pepsi commercial), and to hear Steve Jones promise we'll hear our first results after the next break.

We're about to find out which acts are officially SAFE for another week, and who may need to "SING FOR THEIR SURVIVAL." I can't help it, a term like that just begs for all-caps.


In no particular order, Steve Jones is going to name the Top 10 acts. Those acts will go straight through to next week. That leaves the Bottom Two, who will each perform, and then it's up to the judges to decide who stays and who goes.

Marcus Canty [Yay! Good on ya, America. Our generation's Bobby Brown liiives!]
Drew [Another good choice from the good ol' U. S. of A.]

And ... that's all we get before the next commercial break. Damn you and your handsome, lying face, Steve Jones! We were promised a list of ten. Not a list of two, followed by five commercials.

We're back, and now, these acts are also SAFE:
LeRoy Bell [BOOM! Love that guy.]
Astro [Rap CAN survive in a singing competition. I, for one, am happy to hear it.]
Lakoda Rayne [Ehhhh. That's what I have to say. Ehhhh.]
Rachel Crow [Of COURSE! Who could say no to America's sweetheart? Not America!]
Chris Rene [Wow! I kind of thought either Chris or Lakoda Rayne would be in the bottom two.]
Josh Krajcik [OBVIOUSLY.]
Melanie Amaro [DUH.]

That leaves InTENsity, Stereo Hogzz and Stacy Francis waiting on the bubble. Are you kidding me, you guys? The fact that EITHER Stereo Hogzz or Stacy Francis has to sing for survival is hogwash!

paulathrow6xKlX.gifHOGWASH, I SAY!

The tenth SAFE act is:
Stacy Francis [As it should be!]

Which means InTENsity and Stereo Hogzz are still "at risk," says Steve. Poor Paula is going to lose one of her groups either way. Let's hope the judges make the right call and choose quality over quantity/cuteness.


Stereo Hoggz:

The boys perform "Emotions" by the Bee Gees (or by Destiny's Child, depending on your generation) and I honestly don't understand why they're in this precarious position. Their vocals are so strong, and of all the groups, they actually know how to put on a show. Do you actually want to say goodbye to these five gorgeous men, America? DO YOU?


For their last plea, the United Kids of Benetton go for Simon's jugular: Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You." Ironically, without all their usual bells and whistles, this is my favorite InTENsity performance yet. It just feels less gimmicky. But I still think the judges would be deaf, dumb and blind to eliminate the Stereo Hogzz over this ragtag team of youngsters.

Simon votes to send home: Stereo Hogzz [BOOOOO! Wake up your ears, Simon! I guess the Clarkson Plan worked.]
Paula votes to send home: InTENsity [Mentor knows all!]
Nicole votes to send home: InTENsity [Good work, Nicole.]
It all comes down to L.A., and he votes to send home: InTENsity


Well, it was risky business there for a minute, but the lesser of Paula's groups did indeed get the boot. It's sad to see ten children's hearts simultaneously shattered, but them's the breaks in showbiz, kids. You may not have won $5 million, but you're building character.

Steve Jones certainly doesn't help matters: "InTENsity are inconsolable," he tells us. "But stay tuned for the premiere of Bones!" Great, thanks Steve, a gruesome murder will really lift our spirits.

Well, what did you think of the first X Factor results show? Did America -- and the judges -- make the right call?

I'd like to believe that too many people simply tuned in too late and missed Stereo Hogzz' AMAZING opening performance of "Rhythm Nation" last night, but I may simply be blinded by my personal adoration for their unique stylings. It's certainly not for everybody, but I hope they can redeem themselves and get those crucial votes next week.

In the meantime:

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