Will Stein and Jax Go in Separate Directions in 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3?
Will Stein and Jax Go in Separate Directions in 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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What happens when Firestorm isn't on the same page anymore? It sounds like we might find out this season on Legends of Tomorrow.

In Legends of Tomorrow's second season, Jax stepped up on the Waverider and into his role as a superhero. Meanwhile Stein accidentally created a time abnormality that became a daughter named Lily. 

So has fatherhood changed the Firestorm dynamic? And will Jax and Stein be able to get it together to help fix everything the legends broke at the end of season 2? 

"Martin is questioning everything. He's questioning his participation. He had such high hopes and he was so childlike in his enthusiasm for the whole journey and poor Jefferson was a victim of that," Victor Garber said at San Diego Comic Con. "Now he's questioning everything because they made such a mess of things. So the third season is about correcting all of the mess. Cleaning up the mess they've made." 

And sure, dinosaurs in Los Angeles certainly does seem like a bit of a mess. But according to actor Fran Drameh, Jax is more committed to fixing time than ever in the upcoming third season. 

"Jax is going to be having the opposite feelings. So where Stein is questioning his role on the Waverider and our team, Jax is happy with his lot," Drameh said. 

Some of Stein's concerns spring from his recent fatherhood. After all, it's not every day that you accidentally rewrite time and give yourself a daughter in the process. In season 3, Stein will start to wonder if he should spend more time at home with his family instead of flying through time. 

"That's part of what Stein will be doing with his life. "I'm here, but should I be there with Clarissa and Lily?" and then you find out more about the family," Garber said.

This is definitely a point of contention for Jax, who is committed to his spot on the Waverider. It's hard to go separate ways when your superpower means you're stuck together. 

"Stein wants to do more real world, 2017, just be a regular dad, especially because he has a daughter now that he never had. Where Jax is like, "Dude, Firestorm! We kind of need to be together." So it'll be interesting to see how that works and what will happen with that whole Firestorm dynamic," Drameh said.

It sounds like both halves of Firestorm are growing and changing in different directions. Maybe Firestorm needs some superhero couples counseling? 

"The relationship with Jefferson has evolved," Garber said. 

Still, both actors are excited to see that their characters keep growing and maturing throughout the run of the series. For Drameh it has been especially nice to see Jax take a more active role on the Waverider. 

"I love the fact that Jax is growing and maturing into his role on the ship," Drameh said. 

Of course, there's still one potential storyline Drameh would like to see for Jax in season 3. 

"I'd like to see Jax find some love," Drameh laughed. "He can't catch a break!"

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Will Jax and Stein really grow apart? What will happen to Firestorm?  Sound off in the comments! 

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