What Is the Truth About Ava on 'Legends of Tomorrow'?
What Is the Truth About Ava on 'Legends of Tomorrow'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Legends of Tomorrow is the lightest part of the Arrow-verse. Yet even the most hilarious section of the universe isn't without its share of angst and problems. Just as it seemed like everything was working out for Ava and Sara in their new romance, Legends of Tomorrow threw a curveball at the audience. According to Rip Hunter, there's some secret truth about Ava that Sara can never learn. While it was implied that this uncovered revelation could break up Sara and Ava up, no other details were given. Thankfully, there's plenty to speculate about and try to find the answer before Legends of Tomorrow is ready to give it.

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Ava Is an AI

Recently Legends of Tomorrow has played Rip off as a bumbling doofus. So it's easy to forget that Rip is intelligent, accomplished and a has a long history of playing the mastermind. As a result, Rip is quite a mysterious character. However, two things are very well established about Rip. He likes to have control over people, even if it's for benevolent causes, and he has extensive experience with artificial intelligence and other sci-fi technology. 

Arguably the closest person in Rip's life is the Waverider's AI (who can take human form) Gideon. Gideon is the one that Rip addressed to delete the file about Ava, so that Sara wouldn't find out the truth about her newest love. The connection between Ava and Gideon was made by Rip himself. So It's really not too much of a stretch to think that Rip tampered with the same technology that created Gideon and created his own AI in Ava. 

It's been established that Ava was Rip's protege at the Time Bureau and was instrumental in helping build the organization. Given the fact that Rip manipulated the Legends in season 1 to do his own bidding (and it backfired), Rip is the type of man who would build an AI to help him in a new venture.

In fact, the only real hang-up on this theory is that learning Ava is an AI is very unlikely to impact Sara's relationship with her. Sara has been through far weirder things than falling in love with someone who was created, not born.  

Ava Is an Anachronism

Messing around with AI is hardly the limits of Rip's tinkering. Although Rip was introduced as a member of the Time Masters, he has always had a very loose definition of what's acceptable to mess with in the timeline. For all his preaching that time can't be changed, Rip has been known to be very selfish and tried to foolishly protect those dear to him. Therefore, there's a very real possibility that, unbeknownst to herself, Ava is actually a time anachronism. 

Whether she belongs in a different timeline, was created due to some rip in time or whatever, Ava might not belong in the world she inhabits. Rip would obviously want to keep that information secret from Sara (and Ava) because both women would try to do the right thing and restore Ava to her rightful place in time, no matter how much it hurt them personally. Rip, however, wouldn't be so selfish, having a proven history of trying to mess with time to keep around or protect those he cares about deeply. 

Ava Will Die to Protect Sara in the Future

Ultimately there must be a reason that Gideon had knowledge of the truth about Ava in her system. Gideon does seem to know everything the plot needs her to know, at any given time. However, if there's one single area of expertise for Gideon, it's the timeline. Gideon is aware of not only everyone's past but their future. So hypothetically if Ava were destined to die in some heroic sacrifice, Gideon would have a file on it. Rip would probably want to keep that secret, to either save Ava and Sara the heartache or to try to prevent it from happening. 

Legends of Tomorrow has already hinted at the potential death of Sara. Constantine warned Ray that Mallus possessing Sara could have huge and fatal consequences for Sara. In addition, Sara has joked multiple times about her familiarity with death in season 3. Since Legends of Tomorrow is obviously not going to kill off Sara, somehow that death will have to be prevented. If anyone would do whatever it takes to save Sara's life too, even if it meant sacrificing her own, it would be Ava. 

Ava dying for Sara is a rather predictable and soapy route for Legends of Tomorrow to take. However, if done correctly, it could be quite a moving and emotionally satisfying story. 

Ava Is the Sixth Totem

However, there is another lingering mystery in Legends of Tomorrow season 3 besides Sara's demise. Legends of Tomorrow season 3 is about totems. There are five known totems in existence that can defeat Mallus. Yet there exists a sixth and very mysterious one out there. 

No one seems to know about the identity of this sixth totem and Legends of Tomorrow is obviously setting up a big reveal for the totem's unveiling. It's hard to imagine a bigger impact for the sixth totem than it being an actual human being, specifically one the fans and the characters love like Ava. 

It would be strange for Legends of Tomorrow to reveal that the sixth totem is a person as all the previous ones have been items of jewelry. Though the sixth totem being a person is no more outlandish than one of them giving its owner access to the whole animal kingdom. Weirdness is a fact of life on Legends of Tomorrow. It would take some explaining to understand how Ava is a totem but not much. In fact, since Ava is the most mysterious part of Legends of Tomorrow season 3, besides the sixth totem, it would also be convenient to directly connect them.

Let Avalance Live

However, whatever Ava ends up becoming or is revealed, one thing should remain constant. Despite Rip's apparent fears, it shouldn't break up her relationship with Sara. 

Legends of Tomorrow has struggled with romance for a very long time, and most relationships have been handled very poorly. Sara and Ava not only work, but they're such an undeniable highlight of season 3. The chemistry between the two actress is stellar and it has led to wonderful development for both characters. Sara helps Ava loosen up and show more humanity, while Ava is capable of bringing out the light and compassion in Sara. Nothing should break them unnecessarily. 

Even if the truth about Ava is that she's going to die for Sara's sake, Legends should still keep the growth and happiness of their relationship intact. The last thing the season and the two characters need is weird angst over this secret.  

But what are your theories on Ava? Do you have one? Will it threaten Ava's relationship with Sara? Should it? 

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