'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3 Premiere Recap: How Will the Legends Fix Time?
'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3 Premiere Recap: How Will the Legends Fix Time?
Randa Kriss
Randa Kriss
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After last season's cliffhanger ending, the Legends have a lot to sort out in the season 3 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, titled "Aruba-Con." In attempting to go to Aruba, the team lands in Los Angeles 2017 and things are not as they are supposed to be. But things get even more complicated when Rip and a new organization take over and bench the Legends. They have to figure out just how to get back into the swing of things.

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The Legends Get Benched

It's Los Angeles 2017 and the Legends have broken time. As they're trying to figure out what to do in modern day LA with dinosaurs running around, Rip arrives through a portal. He has created an organization to replace the Time Masters, called the Time Bureau. His organization is tasked with fixing all of the things in the wrong time/place (anachronisms), like what's happening in LA. Rip's agents get to work and Rip tells the Legends they are no longer needed. He relieves the team of duty.

Cut to Star City six months later and Sara is working at a department store. Ray is in Silicon Valley working on a dating app where no one is interested in his miniaturization tech. Nate is fighting bad guys in Central City with Kid Flash. He goes to meet a girl, who is not Amaya but looks just like her. Mick finally made it to Aruba. He's relaxing on the beach when he's interrupted by Julius Caesar of Rome. Caesar tells Mick he plans on conquering the world. Back in Star City, Sara gets a call from Mick, who says he's found an anachronism. She quits her job immediately and heads to Central City to meet up with Ray and Nate. When Ray asks about Amaya, Nate reveals that the two broke up. The team decides to use Caesar in order to get back in with Rip and the Time Bureau.

The Legends head to Star City to find Rip. Unfortunately, agents attempt to arrest them the second they set foot in the Bureau. When Rip enters to intervene, Nate accuses him of convincing Amaya to go back to 1942, but Rip insists it was her idea. The team tells Rip about Caesar in Aruba, but the Time Bureau has no information on such an anachronism, so Rip sends his agents to sort it out.

The Legends beg Rip to let them take care of Caesar on the Waverider. The ship, however, is being used as a simulator. The training classes are using all of the Legends' old missions as training opportunities. Meanwhile, Mick is holding Caesar captive in Aruba. But when Caesar offers Mick gold, Mick goes to grab the bag and is head-butted by Caesar. The two fight and Caesar gets away, sending Mick running into the middle of an "Aruba Con" party with frat boys in togas.

Mick attacks who he thinks is Julius Caesar and a portal opens up. The time agents take Mick and "Caesar" back with them, only to find that the man they have is just a frat boy. Rip thinks Mick was wrong about seeing an anachronism. Rip and Sara argue, with Rip saying the Legends are basically useless. The team goes to leave but, finding a real Roman coin, realizes that Mick was right all along. Knowing Rip won't believe them, the Legends decide to go after Caesar themselves but have to steal the Waverider to do it.

Getting the Gang Back Together

They head to the ship, kick out the students onboard and reboot Gideon. Sara time jumps inside the building and, luckily, it works but only jumps them three minutes into the future. Gideon tells the team that they can't make bigger jumps without repairs.

In Central City, Jefferson shows up at Professor Stein's house, telling him he decided to quit school. Stein's daughter is pregnant. The Legends show up, needing Jefferson's help repairing the ship. Stein is reluctant to go but ultimately gives in. The team is back together and they decide they're going to be careful this time. They head to Aruba to find Caesar, who is trying to recruit the frat boys for his conquest.

As they try to apprehend Caesar, Sara says no powers, so Ray uses his dating app to get rid of the frat boys. Sara takes on Caesar, and the Legends capture him and bring him back to the ship. On the ship, Rip appears as a hologram and asks the team to return Caesar to the Time Bureau. The team leaves the call to Sara and she decides to go back; however, they can't go anywhere without repairs to the ship.

Jefferson tries to fix the ship and talks to Stein about wanting to continue to be a superhero. He knows that Stein wants to stay home and be a grandfather, but he can't continue the journey without him. Meanwhile, Sara goes to talk to Caesar, who offers her to join him in conquering the world. She refuses and decides to take the team to ancient Rome to return Caesar.

The Legends bring Caesar back and wipe his memory, but as they leave, Caesar steals Nate's book The Rise of Rome. Nate and Sara return to the ship, but the team cannot leave because their home no longer exists. History has changed; Caesar conquered the known world and the unknown world, including the United States.

The team argues about what to do next. As they're doing so, Rip shows up. He says the Time Bureau is capable of handling the issue without all the mess, unlike the Legends. He sends his agents in to handle Caesar, and Sara realizes they're walking into a trap. In the chaos, Caesar manages to capture Agent Sharp and regain the book. Rip finally decides to let the Legends help.

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The Legends Do Their Thing

Ray and Nate acquire the book while the other Legends fight Caesar's legion and rescue Agent Sharp. They return to the Waverider, and Sara tells Rip they're going to keep doing their thing, with or without the bureau's permission. Rip leaves them to it, and after he's gone, Mick reveals that he's stolen some of the bureau's tech, including the memory eraser and portal creator.

Back at the Time Bureau, Agent Sharp tries to argue that the Legends should be in jail. Rip says they might need them for what is coming. Agent Sharp replies that "Mollus" is a threat because of what the Legends have done. Rip insists that they might need the team in the future.

On the Waverider, Jefferson and Stein ultimately decide to stay aboard. As Stein was the one who initially convinced Jefferson to join, he doesn't want to deny Jax this opportunity. Ray finds Nate looking at Amaya's files. Nate hopes she's happy back in 1942.

Flash to Zambesi 1942. Amaya fights against soldiers attacking her village, sending multiple rhinos after them.

An action-packed season premiere and the Legends have sorted out (most of) the time craziness that they caused in season 2.

What do you think lies ahead this season? Will Amaya rejoin the team? Who is Mollus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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