'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: What Shocking News Does Amaya Learn from Kuasa?
'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: What Shocking News Does Amaya Learn from Kuasa?
Randa Kriss
Randa Kriss
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In this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, titled "Helen Hunt," the Legends must travel to 1930s Hollywood to track down their latest anachronism, one of the most famous women in all of history: none other than Helen of Troy. Ray, Jax and Stein try to break up Firestorm, but things don't go exactly as planned. Amaya learns some surprising news about her future. Damien Darhk returns to make things even more difficult for the team.

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Trouble in Tinseltown

Hollywood 1937: At the Warner Brothers studio, a beautiful woman walks through, turning more than heads. Another woman approaches her and instructs her to head to Stage 12. At Stage 12, two producers are arguing about where their star is; she's supposed to be playing Helen of Troy. They look up and see the beautiful woman and decide to abandon their star and make this woman their Helen. When they ask the woman her name, she tells them she is Helen of Troy.

On the Wave Rider, Nate has spent seven straight days in the library looking for Damien Darhk and Lady Eleanor. He tells Sara that he has been unsuccessful in his search, and she tells him to take a shower. In their lab, Ray, Jax and Stein are working on breaking up Firestorm by transferring Stein's half of Firestorm to Jax. Jax is upset that Martin says he won't miss their travels. Ray's transfer system overheats, causing an explosion that knocks both Jax and Stein out of their seats. As they start to get up, they realize that they have switched bodies. Gideon calls everyone to the bridge.

Nate tells the team about a problem in 1937 Hollywood. Two movie companies went to war over a beautiful woman and they need to go fix it. Because of the body switch, Sara grounds Jax and Stein to the ship. The team heads to Hollywood and watches over the Warner Brothers studio that is filming the movie about Helen of Troy. Two men go to blows over the beautiful actress, who Nate realizes is actually Helen of Troy. As the men fight, Helen runs out of the stage and Zari follows her. She gets into the car with Eddie Rothberg, a rival studio exec. The Warner Brothers producer sees Helen leaving and fires a gun at the departing car.

On the ship, the team discusses the legend of Helen of Troy. Zari is surprised to learn that Helen of Troy isn't just a myth. Gideon informs the team of a party that Rothberg is having to show off his new star. The team gets ready for the party, but Jax, in Stein's body, is tired and decides to stay. Stein in Jax's body, on the other hand, is excited about the possibility of meeting his boyhood crush, Hedy Lamarr.

Damien Darhk is Back in Business

At the party, Stein introduces himself to Hedy Lamarr. She complains that she doesn't have any work because of the new talent, Helen of Troy. All the guys become enamored with Helen. Zari uses her powers to spill Helen's drink to get her alone. After following Helen to a back room, Sara and Amaya try to convince her to leave, but Helen wants to stay in Hollywood. Helen leaves to go talk to her agent, and Sara and Amaya follow, only to find her talking to Damien Darhk. Darhk isn't alone; he has Lady Eleanor and Kuasa with him as well. He tells Sara he wants to parlay. Kuasa introduces herself to Amaya in the language of Zambezi. She is a totem bearer as well.

Sara talks with Darhk. He offers her a deal: he will let the team walk if they return to 2017. If Sara doesn't agree, he will kill the team one by one, saving Sara for last. Amaya finds out that Kuasa wields the water totem. She accuses her of perverting it, and Kuasa says the color Amaya is wearing has always suited her, suggesting that they know each other somehow. The guys on the team start a brawl over Helen.

Back on the ship, Sara criticizes the guys for fighting over Helen. She tells them about Darhk's offer. Amaya tells them about Kuasa and her totem. Sara grounds the guys to the ship, and the girls go to retrieve Helen. They decide to use a "Trojan horse" to get past Helen's security. Still on the ship, Stein and Jax try to figure out why the coms haven't been working, but Jax struggles with Stein's arthritic fingers. Stein tells Jax that Hedy Lamarr is his "hall pass." Sara, Amaya and Zari use their "horse" to get through the gate and find Helen. She begs them to let her stay. As they try to convince her, the Warner Brothers producers show up and start a firefight with Rothberg and his people. Helen eventually agrees to go with the Legends; Sara takes Helen, while Amaya and Zari take care of the producer fight.

Hedy Lamarr

On the Wave Rider, the team tries to fly Helen back to her time, but the ship isn't working. Half of the systems are down, and Jax can't figure out what's going on. Stein realizes that pieces of the ship are physically disappearing because Hedy Lamarr, who was an inventor as well as an actress, has had her future changed. Stein, still in Jax's body, goes to get her career back on track. Helen talks to Zari about why she doesn't want to go back to Greece; she feels like she has no freedom and is tired of men fighting "for her." When Jax arrives at Warner Brothers to talk to Hedy, they are stopped by Eleanor and Damien Darhk.

Sara and the guys get ready to go save Jax/Stein. Amaya and Zari stay to protect Helen. Stein tries to create a diversion for Hedy, and the team arrives, saving him from Darhk's magic. Sara challenges Darhk to a league-style duel. On the ship, while Zari is manually locking the doors, Kuasa sneaks in. She and Amaya fight. Sara and Darhk fight. Lady Eleanor uses her magic against Ray, Nate and Rory. Hedy encourages Jax and Stein to combine to use their powers as Firestorm. Sara eventually gets the better of Darhk, but Eleanor uses her magic against her. 

Eleanor reveals that she is Damien Darhk's daughter. Eleanor uses her magic to suffocate Sara, but Firestorm merges and manages to push Darhk and Eleanor back. Defeated, the pair disappears. Firestorm separates, and Jax and Stein are in their respective bodies again. Sara is passed out from Lady Eleanor's magic; Ray says they need to get her back to the ship. On the Wave Rider, Amaya and Kuasa are still fighting. Kuasa reveals that she is Amaya's granddaughter and should have received the totem, but it went to her little sister instead. Helen comes in and stabs Kuasa, who turns into water and disappears.

Back in Hollywood, Hedy signs with Warner Brothers, setting her future back on track. Gideon has placed Sara in a coma to fully heal. Ray talks to Amaya about Kuasa. He knew that she was Amaya's granddaughter and was going to tell her, but Amaya says she already knows. Ray says he could tell her everything he knows, but Amaya says the little she knows the better. Helen continues to practice with the knife, and Zari says she can keep it. Helen gives it back, expressing how much she doesn't want to return to Troy. Zari finds a loophole and decides to drop Helen off after the war, as it won't change history. She brings her to an island full of warrior women in 1253 BC. The island is Themyscira.

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