'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: Can the Team Save Ray Palmer from Dying in 1988?
'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: Can the Team Save Ray Palmer from Dying in 1988?
Randa Kriss
Randa Kriss
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In this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, titled "Phone Home," the team faces one of its biggest challenges yet. The Legends must head to 1988 to save a young Ray Palmer, who has, since the Legends broke time, befriended a baby Dominator. The young alien, however, is not the only thing threatening Ray's life. The Legends must also protect him from two other entities trying to hunt him down: government agents and the Dominator's mother.

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Little Ray Palmer

Ivy Town, 1988. Lockdown protocols are being engaged in some sort of facility. A young Ray Palmer runs away from agents chasing him with guns.

On the Wave Rider, Ray is trying to force the rest of the Legends into team-building activities. He wants to make Zari bond with everyone. Ray has Mick demonstrate a trust fall. But as Mick falls, Ray disappears. Gideon informs the team that Ray Palmer died in 1988. She tells the team that Ray went missing at 8 years old on Halloween. His body was found two days later. The team travels back in time to the day before Ray disappeared in 1988. As they arrive, adult Ray reappears on the ship.

Everyone heads out to young Ray's school to find him. As he leaves school, he steals candy from a newspaper stand. Little Ray heads home, and while he's bothered by bullies, the Legends don't see any immediate threat. Things soon change, however, as little Ray heads into his room and feeds a creature under his bed. The creature, who he calls Gumball, is a baby Dominator.

Back on the ship, the team briefs Zari on their last encounter with the Dominators. The baby Dominator is an anachronism. After the meeting, Jax finds Stein, who missed the the briefing. Jax knows he's hiding something, but he doesn't know what. Mick sees their encounter and says he thinks he knows what's up with the professor.

The next day, the team goes to Ray's house to retrieve the Dominator while little Ray is at school and his mom is at work. Ray and Zari go to get Gumball from the closet but soon hear that little Ray skipped school and is home. To hide, Ray shrinks down and Zari hides under the bed. Little Ray thinks that shrunken Ray is a toy and puts him on his shelf and starts to watch a movie with Gumball. Ray's mom comes home, angry that the school called saying he wasn't there. When she confronts little Ray, Gumball starts getting angry, and Nate has to knock on the door as a distraction.

Back on the ship, Gideon alerts Sara that another time ship has approached. As Amaya and Nate talk to Ray's mom, little Ray takes Gumball and adult Ray in his backpack and leaves the house. Zari chases after little Ray but loses him in the woods. Mick informs Jax that he thinks that Stein has been ratting the team out to the Time Bureau. Someone has been using the jump ship and erasing the logs. Amaya and Nate search for little Ray in the dark and argue about Nate flirting with Ray's mom. They decide they need to go back to being friends. As they talk, they see agents looking for little Ray and the baby dominator.

The Queen Dominator

Meanwhile, Sara looks for the other time ship on the playground. She can't find the Time Bureau, but she does find an adult Dominator, who knocks her unconscious. On the Wave Rider, Mick and Jax find that Stein has turned a storage room where he has been working on an invention to communicate through time. Jax now also believes that he has been talking to the Time Bureau.

Zari finds little Ray in the woods. She almost gets him to come with her when the agents grab him and drug her. The agents have Gumball and Zari captured in their government facility. The agents are using some sort of device to disable Gumball's powers. They reveal they're also holding little Ray for questioning and want to make sure he can't tell anyone else about what he's seen.

Sara wakes up and has been cocooned by the adult Dominator. The Queen Dominator is looking for her baby and communicates telepathically with Sara. Sara says she will help her find her baby, but the Dominator doesn't believe her, instead reading her mind to get the information she needs and knocking Sara back out. Mick and Jax confront Stein about working with the Time Bureau. They find out, however, that he has been using the communicator to talk to his daughter, who is about to give birth. Stein was going to use the jump ship to go see the birth of his grandchild but, since Mick broke it, has no way of going. Jax decides they will take the Wave Rider to get Stein to the hospital on time.

In the facility, Ray finds Zari and they escape to find little Ray. They find him being caught by the agents, the same scene as the beginning of the episode. Ray takes out the agents, and as the three go to leave, little Ray stops them. He wants to save Gumball; Zari convinces Ray they have to go save him. Sara wakes up, again, and is still cocooned on the playground. She breaks free, telling Amaya and Nate that the Dominator is headed to Ray's house to look for her child. Nate goes inside the house to protect Ray's mom, who begins to seduce him.

Outside, Amaya finds the real Ray's mom, cocooned in a tree. She heads back to the house and tries to tell Nate that he's being tricked by the Dominator, who is pretending to be Ray's mom. Amaya fights with the creature and eventually runs outside with Nate, the Dominator chasing after them. As they run out, Sara says she'll try and lure the Queen to the ship but finds a note from Jax, Mick and Stein, saying they took the ship.

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A Baby Boy and an ET Moment

Ray, Zari, and little Ray try to rescue Gumball, but the agents come to stop them. Gumball uses his powers to control the agents. Ray and Zari are afraid he will hurt them, but Gumball makes the agents start singing the movie he was watching with little Ray earlier. The three take Gumball and leave. Meanwhile, in Central City 2017, Stein, Jax and Mick arrive at the hospital, trying to make the birth of Stein's grandchild.

The rest of the team are trying to meet up to return Gumball to his mother. As the Dominator chases Amaya and Nate, Zari and little Ray ride bikes, but they aren't going fast enough. Zari uses her powers to fly them into the air and they ride off to the meeting place, ET-style. The three arrive just in time, and little Ray gives Gumball back to his mother.

Back in 2017, Stein has made it to see the birth of his grandchild, a boy named Robbie. Stein, Mick and Jax celebrate with cigars. At Ray's house, Ray and Nate wipe his mom's memory. Little Ray is upset. He tells Zari that Gumball was his only real friend. She tells him that she found friends, and he will too. Ray and the Legends take little Ray out trick-or-treating where they stand up to the kids who were bullying him. Mick takes their candy and allowances.

On the Wave Rider, Zari talks to Ray about getting to know him better. They play Two Truths and a Lie and, discovering that Zari loves musicals, Ray heads off to make popcorn for movie night. On his way, he runs into Jax, who asks for his help breaking up Firestorm.

What did you think of Zari's first mission and the glimpse into Ray's past? Do you think Ray will be able to help Jax break up Firestorm? What will happen if they succeed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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