'Legends of Tomorrow' Needs More Female-Driven Stories
'Legends of Tomorrow' Needs More Female-Driven Stories
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Well, I suppose we can all say the women of Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 6, "Helen Hunt," were the real stars of the show, and showed they're the only ones capable of getting anything done. So, remind me, why is there a team of eight when only three are needed to solve the anachronism plot and the rest just screw things up? If there's anything this episode proved, it's that the men of Legends are incapable of doing anything heroic without causing a disaster.

Sara, Zari and Amaya

When Helen of Troy arrived in 1937 Hollywood, all of the men in the world were fighting for her love, affection and to "own" her, and that didn't exclude the men of the team. Jax and Stein were excluded from this infatuation because of their "freaky Friday" situation, but Ray, Mick and Nate were at each other's throats over this woman. This left Zari, Sara and Amaya to save the day, and since newly-revived Damien Darhk was in town, this meant a lot more than just getting Helen onto the Waverider.

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What's truly infuriating about this situation is the men's lack of concentration and that they're making the same mistakes made in seasons 1 and 2 when they know how much they used to screw up. Instead of trying to make the team better, and learn how to function better as a team, they laugh about their misfortunate actions and act like they're not a big deal.

How is it that the three women can save the day, take on Damien Darhk and Kuasa (and live), while the rest of the team does nothing? Doesn't this seem a little unbalanced to the writers? If they're not going to make any attempt at fixing the men, focus on the women and show them saving the day more often. There's a reason this was one of the best episodes: the women fighting, even Helen's attempt to fight, became more interesting than the shenanigans the men always cause.

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Female-Driven Stories

Legends of Tomorrow apparently shines when it's focusing on the women, so let's keep up this trend. Let's see Sara attempting to take on Damien Darhk to avenge her sister once again, but dealing with the fact she isn't strong enough on her own and contemplating how exactly to do this without letting her need for revenge overtake her once more. Or Amaya and Kuasa and their interesting relationship as Kuasa, the water-wielding villain, is a totem user and, plot twist, Amaya's granddaughter / Mari's sister.

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And, more importantly, let's see more from Zari. Her introduction to the team is so new that we don't really know much about her and what she's going to add, but the ending of episode 6 gave a brief glimpse of that. By dropping Helen in Themyscira (during her own time, a "time hack" if you will), Zari may have changed the future, but there's no going back to fix it. Zari has more information on what went wrong in the future for the Legends to save it, so why not use this to change the world, not just return things to normal?

There's so many story options with the women of Legends, yet most of the screen time is devoted to the men and their miserable failures that cause terrible anachronisms. It's tiring, and fans of the show aren't up for the same season 1 mistakes being made in season 3, so if the writers aren't going to change how the men are written, then focus on the women who actually take time-traveling seriously.

What do you think? Was this episode stronger than the others in season 3? Do you want Legends to focus more on the women? Or should the writers change how they tell stories about the men? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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