'Legends of Tomorrow' Is Better off Without Firestorm
'Legends of Tomorrow' Is Better off Without Firestorm
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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Over the past two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, we've lost both sides of Firestorm and the character of Firestorm is basically gone, too. Stein's death in "Crisis on Earth-X" led to Jax being forced to give up his powers, and the loss of his friend dealt Jax a hand of grief in the episode afterward and his exit followed. With the loss of two of the characters who've been around since Legends started, what's next? Can the show go on without Jax and Stein?

Firestorm's Role

The exit of Firestorm could actually be quite a good thing for the series because the attention on the character was never really important to the series, unless it was useless drama between Jax and Stein and their psychic connection. With the budgets given by The CW, Firestorm's powers must have taken up a good portion of Legends' budget, resulting in poor fight scenes and a poor use of Firestorm as a hero.

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Instead of using that budget on Firestorm, we could see fight scenes with Ray that are actually good (like we saw in the crossover episode with the enhanced budget), or we can see better special effects for Amaya and Zari's powers. Plus, with the addition of Constantine, the cost of adding magical effects seems like it would be less than adding fire power. The CW was never able to do justice to Firestorm's powers.

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New Team Members

Having new team members adds a lot to the story because it changes things up. Nate and Amaya both shook things up and changed the way the Legends went back in time in season 2, and Zari has, thus far, offered another new perspective as she's from the future and believes in changing things for the better.

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Not only does the perspective on the team need to shift every so often, but the powers do, too. It only makes sense to bring on Constantine when the villains they're facing are mystical, especially Mallus, and there was only so much Firestorm's powers would allow them to do. Not every team is suited to face the final battle with the powers they have, and changing up the team is a valid option for Legends of Tomorrow to consider because their missions are so unique.

What do you think? Will you miss Firestorm? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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