Damien Darhk Has Run His Course on 'Legends of Tomorrow'
Damien Darhk Has Run His Course on 'Legends of Tomorrow'
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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For the past three years, Damien Darhk has been a constant villain for the heroes in the Arrow-verse, particularly on Legends of Tomorrow where he's currently wreaking havoc for the second season in a row. But after so long with the same villain, is there much else that can be done with the character? It turns out no, because the writers are taking him in the same direction he's always gone, even after dying twice.

Motivation: Power

It's tiring to see villains like Damien Darhk continuously expanded upon when their only motivation is power. Damien Darhk isn't the only villain who has shown up a lot in the Arrow-verse that cares only for power, but he's the most revisited and it doesn't quite make sense.

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On Arrow, Damien was consistently planning to take over Star City and be the leader, while leading his own hive of dangerous employees. His psychotic antics led to the death of Laurel Lance and, ultimately, his own death at the hands of Oliver Queen to end his dominion over Star City. And, while being on the second season of Legends of Tomorrow made for creative, interesting tension between Damien and Sara after her sister's death, he wasn't really necessary because he just wanted power. That's the only reason he helped Eobard get control over the spear of destiny and wasn't the main villain fighting for it himself because, other than his death, he didn't have much to change in the world.

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Daddy Darhk

And now we're seeing the same side to Damien Darhk after coming back from the dead, twice, as he attempts to help Mallus with whatever his ultimate plan is. The only twist this time is the involvement of his daughter, Nora, but his motivations are still the same. As we saw in the latest episode, Nora was fighting off Mallus' possession of her body until her father told her to allow Mallus to reside within her because of the feeling he gave her: power.

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With every story, it's the same end goal for Damien Darhk, and it's time to retire the villain to the DCTV hall of shame. Overall, his villainy hasn't been well-liked by fans. Season 4 is often regarded as the worst season of Arrow, partially due to Darhk, and his current stance on Legends is unnecessary and unwanted. While the tension around him because of Laurel's death was interesting to explore last season, now it just seems like Sara has moved on from her sister's death, so why bother? Nora should have been the true villain helping Mallus this season because of the potential to revive her father, and Damien should have been left in the ground.

What do you think? Is Damien Darhk's story tired? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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