NBC Brings Back 'Law & Order' Ahead of Schedule
NBC Brings Back 'Law & Order' Ahead of Schedule
Fans of NBC’s Law & Order are happy to know that they won’t have to wait for 2009 for their favorite show to return.  The long-running series was supposed to air its 19th season early next year, but NBC decided to give the fans of the show an early Christmas treat.  Zap2It reports that NBC has revamped their Wednesday schedule, which includes the new season of Law & Order.  In fact, the season premiere of Law & Order’s season 19 is set to air on Wednesday, November 5.

Moreover, NBC has scheduled Life to air on Wednesdays as well, between Knight Rider and Law and Order, forcing Lipstick Jungle back to a Friday night schedule.

"These moves will play to the shows' mutual strengths and will help us to reinforce our lineup," NBC co-chairmen Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff said in a statement.  "A Wednesday night with wall-to-wall satisfying mysteries and great dramas -- paced by the return of the original 'Law & Order' to its home on Wednesdays –- will provide creative continuity that night."

NBC has also pushed back the premiere of its reality series Momma’s Boys, which will debut on December 16, after the finale of The Biggest Loser: Families.  This is the third move for the Ryan Seacrest-produced show, which was first set to premiere on October 29 and moved to November 12.

Momma’s Boys will be moving again after its premiere, as it will be scheduled for a regular programming of Mondays at 9pm beginning December 22, thus giving Heroes a short hiatus.

This season, Life and Lipstick Jungle earned an average of 6 million viewers per week.  Law and Order, on the other hand, did not fail to deliver an average of 10.8 viewers in the timeslot this season.

Catch Law and Order as it returns with season 19 on Wednesday, November 5 at 10pm.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Zap2it
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