NBC Announces 'Law & Order' and 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent's' Return to NBC
NBC Announces 'Law & Order' and 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent's' Return to NBC
Law and Order is back from the dead.  It was never really dead, I know, but after a full season of banishment into a dreaded Friday night time slot, and another half of the year completely off the air, it kind of felt like Law & Order was gone for good.  Thankfully for fans of the ageless procedural, Law & Order is returning to air waves for its eighteenth season on Wednesday, January 2 for a two hour premiere.  The following week, Law & Order will settle back into its long time Wednesday 10pm ET/PT time slot. Starting on that Wednesday, January 9, Law and Order: Criminal Intent will act as the original L&O's lead in, airing at 9pm.  Criminal Intent had been banished to the purgatory of basic cable on the USA Network, where new episodes have been airing.  NBC will start from the beginning of Criminal Intent's new season, and re-air the episodes on NBC.

Don't pretend otherwise: Law & Order: Criminal Intent's return to the mother ship is a result of the writers' strike.  NBC, especially, is in dire need of non-reality programming once the new year begins.  Teaming up two Law & Order's isn't a bad fall-back plan.  Jeremy Sisto is joining the cast of the original Law & Order for its eighteenth season as a new detective.  NBC must have liked his work on the short-lived but beloved serial Kidnapped from last year.  Sisto should be a solid addition to the cast.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I've never been a fan of Law & Order or any of its iterations.  Procedurals don't do it for me.  However, unlike CSI, I don't have any disdain for the Law & Order franchise.  If I were to ever pop my crime procedural cherry, it would almost certainly be with the original Law & Order.  It just seems like a classy organization, efficient, no frills, no gimmicks, the kind of thing I understand.  NBC, with ER and Law & Order still concurrently on the air, have become the home for network television's two elder statesmen (The Simpsons is an entirely different beast).  I wonder if NBC is proud or ashamed of this feat.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Reuters
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