'Law & Order: SVU' Recap: Real or Make Believe?
'Law & Order: SVU' Recap: Real or Make Believe?
This week on Law & Order: SVU, a man at a psychiatric hospital says he witnessed a rape in one of the rooms, but the alleged victim denies it ever happened. The detectives still investigate, trying figure out what's real and what isn't.

Perfect Victim?

Natasha Lyonne is stellar in her portrayal of the victim/non-victim. She plays Gia, the institutionalized woman who has said she's been raped in the past. But her mother claims she's crazy and never once believed her story.

The detectives (the newbies) have their doubts, but who could blame them? The story isn't adding up, and it isn't something that will hold up in court if a mentally unstable person is accusing a "normal" person of rape.

And not only that, the victim's own mother is saying her daughter is crazy -- how sad is that? And that made me pretty sad, as I'm sure this is something that happens, but it doesn't get reported or get the attention it should.

Blast From the Past

Just when I'm starting to get used to this show without Elliot Stabler -- bam! there's two references to him, making me miss him all the more. There was Olivia saying she had been stabbed before, in season 7, and she tells Elliot to go after the bad guy instead of staying with her.

And then later, Olivia tells Amaro that "her old partner" got pretty close to tearing suspects' heads off. I have to admit I felt a pang in my heart when I heard that. I have nothing against the new detectives, as much as I may have criticized them in the past. I just miss Elliot.

Paging Munch and Fin

Is it just me or have these two been nonexistent this season? They just haven't been particularly memorable thus far. And Munch's trademark sarcastic humor has been toned down. What do you think?

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